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The Calvary besieged Action Aid and GLISS Offices in Kampala!

The Uganda Police Force is acting insane as the plan to lift the Age Limit in the Constitution and the Parliament debate on it. The National Resistance Movement (NRM) has gone into high-gear. They have sent their Police Force against Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) who has been voices against the lifting of this article 102(b) and give longer rule of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

President Museveni and his loyal subject Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura has shown his loyalty today, with not only banning all demonstrations against it tomorrow. It continues his trivial pursuit of petty crime, as he has before giving the public provisions, that they have not been allowed to discuss or having debates, except for Members of Parliament. Now, he has taken it further.

The Police has raided the offices today at GLISS (Great Lakes Institute For Strategic Studies), they have taken hostage by the Police for their campaign of “National Dialogue” as Godber Tumushabe, trying to build foundation for a positive engagement from the CSO in media and together with other stakeholders. Clearly, this is a violation of the how the Ugandan Democracy works and how people are supposed to discuss the future of the mastermind and head honcho Museveni.

The Police also besieged Action Aid Offices in Kampala. Where the Police Force came with a Search Warrant in the name of Henry Peter Walya, as the Police claimed that Action Aid International we’re doing “Unlawful Activity” and the offices had “evidence”. The alleged crime is “purpose is to obtain the evidence relating to elicit transfer funds for funding unlawful activities”. Because of this the Police could search the premises and the offices of them. The Staff was interrogated one by one by the Police. The Police also shut down their internet at the Offices. The Police had a total of 60 Police Officers as they besieged the offices.

So again the Police are better to be involved in Political mind-games, than actually solving ordinary crimes. Like they cannot stop the murders of innocent civilians in Entebbe and the area around there. But they have the man-power to besiege CSO’s who question the validity and the reasoning of lifting the age-limit. Really, Museveni’s life is more valued than anything else in Uganda. Since everyone else has just to accept his royal highness, as he was spotted with President Donald Trump today at the United Nations General Assembly. Clearly, the Human Rights and respect of people’s will. Doesn’t matter! Therefore, these two CSO’s could be assaulted by the Police. Instead of them trying to catch real criminals. Peace.


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