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Opinion: NRM MP’s are Sellout’s as they supported today motion for lifting the Age-Limit!

“287 of 296 NRM MPs have voted to support a motion by Raphael Magyezi seeking leave to present a private members bill to lift Age Limit” (The Observer, 20.09.2017).

That National Resistance Movement (NRM), the Movement if you will, have decided to lift the Presidential Age-Limit, because they can and they will. It is as if they are all the servants of the President. They are not there representing their constituents, they are there representing the President. President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni now owns them and if he did not know, he knows now. Their blind loyalty to his will and his concern is amazing and sad. That they are trading basic understanding to change laws that benefits him. Soon, they should take away the need of being born in Uganda, so that the law is 100 % correct to the master.

This proves what their value is and what you can expect of them. As the military and army roamed the streets of Kampala, while more innocent lives are taken around Entebbe. Not that anyone are solving these heinous crimes, these mass slaughter of civilians. It is more important while the President is speaking to nearly empty United Nations General Assembly, which the Parliament is securing off- Nile Avenue down to Constitution Square. Clearly, the problems and fatigue of the puppets in the National Assembly is more important than the security of mere civilians.

It is insane, but not shocking. The little value of others than Museveni. No one has the value on his head as Museveni. No one has the bounty of fortune and entourage as him, the levels of advisors, the level of loyal stooges within his party and the MP’s who all nods their heads and agrees with the old-man.

Now we know their values and believes, they are servants and stooges of the puppet-master. They are mere shells of people with independent minds and spirits. They all are there to deliver the service he needs. Now, they we are needed pawns to settle the score. To make sure the Parliament can succeed in giving the almighty, yet another term(s), if needed be. It is not as if that is new. They did it when they changed from two limit for all President before the 2005 Election.

The NRM are as if it was not compromised by them already and a façade of a party, it is now. The evidence is in their actions and in the will. They are not concerning the rule of law or justice for all. However, they are only concerned with their master and their benefactor. They are caring about his rule and his time in the limelight. They are not caring about the effects and the belittlement of the legislation.

We now know that they trade reasonable thinking and justice over a few extra pennies. They are cheap members of parliament, with little or no care for ordinary Ugandans. As they could make way for another decade and even more for Museveni. They want to make sure he can be their president until his last breath. That is not Noble or Just. It is more pathetic and discouraging, that they have so weak spines and will power to muster-up.

The NRM MPs has traded their future, the Republic’s future on the plate and in honor of Museveni. Peace.


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