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Opinion: The Kenyan Police Service has confirmed there are two kind of people, the ones supporting Jubilee and the rest!

That supporters of Jubilee Party, President Uhuru Kenyatta and other within the ruling regime was out in the streets demonstrating. They we’re burning tires and also being rowdy around the Supreme Court in Nairboi. We now know there are two kinds of people in Kenya. In the Republic of Kenya, there are the supporters of Jubilee, who are allowed to demonstrate and actually show their grievances against the nullification of the Presidential Election of 8th August 2017.

We have seen during the last two years what has happen when Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) or the now named National Super Alliance (NASA) has demonstrated on the streets. The police has come with anti-riot gear, come with water-cannons and bullets. At one point there was even footage of Police Officers beating civilians into pulp. That was because of the need of reforms within in the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commisison (IEBC). So the killings, people going to hospital for their hurt and all of them who gotten detained. Clearly, nothing of that has happen today.

I am disappointing, I am disgusted, because if someone should demonstrate in Kenya. You should expect the tear-gas, the police brutality and other blue shields going all in on the people. But since their where one of a kind. Not like all the others who has demonstrated the last two years together with CORD/NASA. They we’re just seeing Police Cars on stand-by as the burning tires and other equipment we’re burnt in middle of the road.

That Jubilee supporters are allowed to close-off the Supreme Court and walk in marches in the streets, while the CORD/NASA was seeing the Police all out with water-canons and bullets for walking to the IEBC offices at the Anniversary Tower. Proves the double standard, that there are two kinds of people now.

IGP Joseph Boinett has showed the world there are two kinds of people. He should be proud of his work. Some has the Constitutional Rights to demonstrate and show their grievances to the State Institutions. But if you belong to the other political affiliation, your voice doesn’t matter! Kudos, Boinett, this proves your political stance and your place in the hierarchy, his loyalty isn’t to the Constitution, even if he gives leeway to Jubilee, but he shows his place when drilling Police Brutality to civilians demonstrating under leadership of CORD/NASA. Peace.


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