Opinion: The Jubilee Party are hypocrites for their ‘Loose Face Campaign’ against CJ Maraga!

The Jubilee Party are clearing changing their tune from 2016, when they was bravely saying the CORD or now National Super Alliance (NASA) was unlawful with their disregard of the law with their demonstration. So, that the Jubilee are now targeting Court Justice David Maraga, proves the ruling regime is cunning and not caring about their legacy.

Since on the 1st June 2016, the then President Kenyatta said this:

It is particularly saddening that those who were at the front in supporting the enactment of the Constitution are now turning against the same laws” (…) “We must be a nation that respects and follows the rule of law” (Kenyatta – ‘Be wary of selfish leaders, President Kenyatta cautions Kenyans’ 01.06.2016).

So why does the CORD/NASA has to follow the rule of law, but when the laws apply to Jubilee, they have to get rid of the Court Justices? They are now this September having campaigns to make damage of the reputation of Maraga. The man behind the team that nullified the Presidential Election of August 2017. This has clearly hurt the Jubilee Alliance Party, therefore, they are attacking the ones who did it.

Jubilee are hypocrites, who in power tells the opposition to follow the law. But the moment it hit the fan, they are attacking it harder and wider than what the Opposition did. The opposition went to the streets to change the IEBC and the leadership after Chicken Gate. It’s like the corrupt leadership of IEBC wasn’t an issue and is still not an issue. If the Jubilee cared about governance and transparency, they wouldn’t attack the courts and judges who did their job. But they would challenge and reform IEBC, not save it and try to do the same as they did in August.

That is what the Jubilee are doing, they are saving the leadership and trying to spin-it in favor of them. As the days to October get’s closer. Instead of actually making a difference. They are attacking the CJ Maraga, because they don’t know better. They doesn’t care about rule of law, only about their own power and control. The Jubilee Party wants to control it all and take the power by all means. So the Jubilee are not respecting the Courts and their mandate. As they are going to war against Maraga.

It is sad to see the levels of disrespect, the levels of unbound judgment of the judges. They should respect the Courts. But they don’t when they want to Maraga to lose face in their campaign. It is insane and sad. The Madness should stop, the crazy train should leave Mombasa and not come back after a party on the beach. It is time to eat a chapati and chill. This sort of act is not presidential, this is not what to expect of a party of incumbent. The attack on Maraga is childish and not respecting the Courts, the laws or understanding the Constitution. The petition should be dismissed as the nonsense it is. It is a witch-hunt, without a witch! Peace.

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