Kenya’s most bitter-man Kenyatta, will Impeach Odinga for possible win in the Fresh Elections!

The Head of State said he was confident he would win the October 17 repeat poll but pointed out that even if the opposition leader were to be elected, he would not be able to conduct government affairs as Jubilee has the majority and it would easily impeach him. “Even when elected, he would be removed within two or three months,” said the President” (Uhuru Kenyatta, 11.09.2017).

Uhuru Kenyatta today went in hard, because his faith in his party fellow in the Parliament. President Kenyatta are saying, if National Super Alliance (NASA) candidate Raila Odinga winning on the 17th October of 2017. The Jubilee Party plans to use their power in Parliament to Impeach the President. But is that on the grounds of winning? If so shouldn’t himself been so, for all the grand-corruption cases during his tenure?

President Kenyatta should be more careful, as he has appointed and organized the institutions, only the Supreme Court that has defied him. Though just followed the Constitution and the Electoral Codes, that the civil servants of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) did not care for in August as they announced Kenyatta, the incumbent for another term.

Clearly, he now has the nerves to use the National Assembly on for political gains, not that its surprising, knowing the growth of his business while in power and also the scandals that has insulted the Kenyan people. So Kenyatta should focus on winning the Fresh Election properly and make sure the IEBC acts accordingly. Still, that has not been the issue for the Jubilee, which is rare. Since, if the IEBC had done them wrong in the August Election, even if they announced them. But they didn’t work properly or following the code.

President Uhuru Kenyatta should think twice and find his solutions to actually win this election. Not make sure the IEBC tries to rig him in again. That has been done and sufficiently been broadcast far and wide. The electoral malpractice was deep, it was initiated and done so the IEBC Portal would make the results believable, even if there wasn’t any declarations forms from the polling stations. Even voters data sufficient for the victory of Kenyatta.

Kenyatta wanted to be the computer generated President. He didn’t think he needed the will of the people, he thought the rigging would be fine and dandy. So, that he wants to impeach someone for winning. It show how little of a man he is and belittling of the Kenyan people. The ones voting for NASA should be offended by this and vote like crazy in October, and against Kenyatta as he violate and wants to violate the possible choice who was so close to lose a rigged election in August. This is not in the eyes of Kenyatta and he doesn’t care, because he wants power by any means. Peace.

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