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My letter to the two heads of Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission, Mr Chiloba and Mr. Chebukati: “this is the time to put everything and everyone on the boulevard”

2. September 2017, Oslo.

Dear Sirs!

If you wonder. This is directed to Ezra Chiloba and Wanyonyi Wafula Chebukati, you two has now 60 days to envision and find ways to make new presidential polls, get new tenders for ballots and make sure the Electronic Devises are trustworthy, even if the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has now a shattered reputation. The IEBC Secretariat, you has a long commute to make the resident and citizens trusting you. That is why I write to you. Not that I expect you to read me piece of letter, but still I have to write you.

First, thing first. Both of you Honourable Chiloba and Chebukati, your own facade is not trustworthy now. The way you publicly has addressed the recent election has been unfaithful. The reality is that you should ask for their trust and act as servants. Right now you are acting as you own Kenya, while you don’t. You are appointed in favor of the people of Kenya, not to solicit funds from Kenyans. Therefore, time for you step of your responsibility, as you are the facilitators for holding elections and following the laws, the Constitution and the codes of law. This shouldn’t be rocket science, but NASA and Jubilee, needs you to deliver.

Secondly, as fellow civil servants, as the IEBC, you need to be transparent with every single move you do. Not just create bots who make the decisions and make the counting of the votes. Not only have one brother uploading 9,000 declarations forms, but actually have the servers, the contracts and the connections of all Electoral Material and ICT Management in public display. So that the public can trust your acts. There been enough skeletons in the closet, to make Eminem make another hit song. Time to wise up, and step away from the Wise-Guys, but actually acts like civil servants.

Thirdly, time to actually follow procedure, follow protocol, prove that you two are worth a damn. That your salary paid on the taxes and provisions of the state is worth it. Actually, that the IEBC follow procurement laws and estimates, that the IEBC do due diligence on their contracts and their services. Also, that the IEBC shows the steps of forms and the transmission of declarations forms. So that, this cannot be put in question.

Fourth, that all that work in the thousands of polling stations are well-trained, has the knowledge of needed acts of securing the ballots and honoring the ballots. That the state and the other campaigns are respecting the rule of law. That the ones who tries to stuff boxes, steal sheets and rewrite forms get taken to justice, to not tamper with the will of the Kenyan people.

This is why I have wrote to you Chiloba and Chebukati, since you are in charge of this ship. You have to make the ship ready for the rough sea, for storms, winds and waves. But to show that the people have faith you can steer the ship to shore, in all pieces and with the load. So that the ship can continue to the next destination after you disembark.

This is not the time to silently prepare for another election, this is the time to put everything and everyone on the boulevard, to build trust and show that your worth a damn. Unless, you want to trigger another speculation, try to figure another way of rigging the public will. But if you do so, then you will not be independent minded, but be bribed civil servants with no honor or code. You are just stooges, who is bought as easily as a chapati. I hope you are better, but time will tell. Peace.

Best regard

Writer of Minbane

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