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#PostElectionsKE: The Police Brutality in Kenya has to stop!

There is a moral obligation, I think, not to ally oneself with power against the powerless.”Chinua Achebe

The world is indifference to the Police Brutality in Kenya, the killings that has been reported on Saturday was up to 24. That is what the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) has reported, that is vital since the state claims the people of Kisumu, Mathare and Kibera is all criminal. Therefore, they can violate their turf and break into homes. They can damage property and take lives without any consequences. This is done by the Police force with arms and guns, with force and brutal excessive force, where the lives and people doesn’t matter. This is the cost of the election, the post-election.

By 7PM Saturday, @MSF teams across #Kenya had evacuated & treated 64 wounded; 11 from gunshots. Med team dispatched to #Kisumu to assist MoH” (MSF East Africa, 12.08.2017).

Yesterday, the was shot a 9 year old girl, today there is reported a 10 year old girl too. These cannot be seen as criminals, they haven’t even lived long enough to start looting and thieving. There are elements of criminal activity in the midst of demonstrations. These has to be put in order, but the police are clearly out of their mandate, when they are killing innocent little children. When they are breaking into homes and when they are shooting and killing.

Instead of killing, they should take them to the police station for questioning, if their violent protestors, but it seems like the Police is escalating the situation and bringing tyranny to the areas of demonstrations. That the police are in Mathare, Kibera and Kisumu acting like this, taking people from their home. Vandalizing and than harassing them, some they are even killing. Each one of them is one to many. Every single person hurt by the police is wrong, even if their criminal, they should be prosecuted through courts, not by street challenge and in their homes.

Was this the power the Kenyatta’s and Ruto’s wanted to bring forward for their next term? That they have the power to kill and overpower the powerless of Kisumu, Kibera and Mathare? That they can do the same as they did to Jacob Juma, Joseph Nkaissery and Chris Msando, to the ordinary people of these areas? Is that what they are trying to say?

What is the purpose, to brutalize the people, kill them into silence, harass them into obedience and hope they will return to be loyal subjects after being violated? Is that the meaning of all of this. That the CS Dr. Fred Matiang’i and Jubilee can overshadow and control them with bullets, Anti-Riot Gear and FEAR! Is that what this is all about.

When helicopters, tear-gas, live-bullets and police hammering on doors, when the impunity become the norm. The uncertainty and civil unrest, the unjust becomes the normal, the brutality becomes the perfection and ordinary lives means nothing. It doesn’t matter, which party or who leading these men. What is important that it got to stop, there is already to many lives lost, to many hurt by beatings and by fear installed. This isn’t governing. This is a hostile takeover. This isn’t justice, this is Impunity.

Kenyatta, if your a man, stand up for this and take charge, act as your supposed to. Not let the innocent die while you eat the spoils. I don’t want to see a grin or smile, we need to see leadership and a man who is responsible. Peace.


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