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Post-Election Demonstrations happening in Kisumu and Nairobi (Kibera and Mathare), but little reports because media is blocked!

That the Kenyan National Police Service are using live-bullets to quell demonstrations in Kisumu and in Mathare and Kibera. The poorest are meeting a hostile police force who are using their powers to silence the people.

Uhuru Kenyatta should act and say something, he should talk to his Cabinet Secretary of Interior Fred Matiang’i. These sort of Post-Election violence is not postive, as the journalists following and reporting the demonstrations are detained and arrested. Even manhandled for following the reactions.

This is the powerless and the only thing they can do is take it to the streets, as they feel betrayed and feels tricked by the government. That is why the people demonstrate. Not that all demonstrators are acting peacefully, but when the Police are using live-bullet, shooting in the air and against the crowd, the fear and reckless behavior make people react it. The looting and burning are natural, since the Police comes with Anti-Riot Gear, big water-canons and tear-gas. They are creating war-zones where they go in to silence the people. Instead of trying to make it ease, they are escalating it.

The killings in Kisumu and Nairobi, is a sad ending to this election. Where the innocent are dying because of the natural questioning the election and the IEBC. The IEBC has had tough week and also bounced numbers on the Portal that doesn’t seem real. That is why the public in Kisumu and Kibera/Mathare are demonstrating.

Every single one that dies because of this, is one to many and this blood is on the hands of authorities, they are coming with weapons and ammunition. They are coming with Armored Personnel Vehicles and taking commando of the areas. Not coming in dialogue, but coming in retaliation against the demonstrating citizens. This is the distrust the Jubilee shows the strongholds of the opposition. They planned it with body-bags delivered to Kisumu before the August 8th 2017. Clearly, they we’re planning this.

When they are blocking the media from following the demonstration and the crackdown of it, then they know they are using excessive force, that they don’t want the world to know. Yesterday, the we’re reports that people was afraid in Kisumu and Kibera, we can only imagine the pain and the suffering. We cannot know, because the authorities are shielding the world and keeping it secret as best they can. Peace.


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