Helt ute av sporet (Okumala ekigwo okulyaku kya okuziga)

Opinion: I will not honor re-elected Uhuru Kenyatta!

Let’s be clear, there is nothing noble about the declaration today from the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission declaration of Presidential Results. “IEBC DECLARES Uhuru Kenyatta the winner of August 8 #ElectionsKE with 8.2 million votes against 6.8 million of Raila Odinga” (NationBreakingNews, 11.08.2017). Because of the NASA’s leaks from the IEBC these numbers doesn’t make common sense to me and that the verification of the votes seems fraudulent. That I say because many Declaration Forms 34(b) have been different from IEBC Portal.

I start to wonder if the proclaimed Presidential Results will again differ from the ones delivered online. Since it is just made as the IEBC sees fit. I don’t care what motive Wafula Chebukati has or have to have. Because the Jubilee and their Extra-Judicial killings has happen for a reason during their first term. Together with more debt, grand-corruption scandals and less clear-cut governance. More Public PR stunts, than actually building a nation and institutions.

So it is not like the Kenyan experience will get better. Kenyatta knows what his pressure has done, he has silenced the opposition and their claims like he did in 2013. So they have to eat his Presidency for the second time. If this do not escalate and does not hurt, than what does.

The government who has been rampant thieving from the state coffers, used political offices for personal gains and used their state reserves to fictitious companies selling slick and promises to the state. Therefore, the need for something fresh was there.

Now that the IEBC leaks hasn’t solved anything, the Presidential Real Time leak directly from the source has been dismissed by the authorities, since the counting and the votes didn’t fit the program. It didn’t fit Kenyatta and his fellow cronies. Kenyans should be tired of the theft of their goods, their public offices and their government. This isn’t stealing a chicken or a soda at corner-store, this is the real-deal, the grand theft and the ultimate crime. You are getting the office and getting the perks, but your not the man who really got there.

It is insulting, it is heartbreaking and it devastating. That people react and protest, demonstrate and show rage should be understood and not horrify you. They have been taken for granted, used as pawns on the chess-set, while the King stayed the King. This isn’t justice, this is injustice. The official Thief-In-Charge.

That Mathare in Nairobi reacts, that Kisumu and others would retaliate should be within reason. Not create violence, but demonstrate and show that they are displeased of the theft done by the state and their Electoral authority. I just don’t care how many who celebrate and how they take it. That the Police shoots at citizens, tear-gas and people are scared in their homes. This is because the Grand Theft occurred and people should be tired of it. It is within reason, they are tired of being used. Kenyatta should know this, but he doesn’t care because the Kingsmen crowned him King, yet again. Peace.


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