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IEBC most likely to announce Kenyatta President today, but that doesn’t mean it is right!

“I tried being reasonable, but I didn’t like it.” – Clint Eastwood

Today, most likely the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission are going to announce the incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta to be the President for another stint, another term or whatever you might call it. Even if their numbers are unbalanced, and they cannot explain it in sensible way.

They have clearly not followed the Declaration Forms 34(a) or 34(b), because so many of them has differed from the results online and in the IEBC Portal. You have to be dumb to not see it and then there has been double of them. The ones uploaded without right stamps or signatures, sometimes only Jubilee operatives and not even opposition or independent agents, therefore, the forms uploaded seems dubious. This is not in respect of the voters and neither the citizens of Kenya.

This is a hostile takeover, if some IEBC Bots and some pre-installed algorithms are the ones winning the election. This is extensive rigging and misuse of the ballots. It is a charade and not a joke. If they defer and says the leaks from the NASA is wrong, while it is easy to see their documentation is out of order. Then you know the order came before the election and their job was to deliver a second term for Kenyatta at any cost.

I in the IEBC should be chopped-off and thrown to the dogs if they do so. From now on the JEBC (Jubilee Electoral and Boundaries Commission), and not whatever name it has now! Since the independence from all parties is a lie when the results fits like a glove for the incumbent, but the not released Declaration Forms from the opposition, neither their sources from the IEBC or the leaked results.

However, John Kerry and Bob Godec appall me; they are both supporting the fraudulent counting of the Presidential Election. As they are telling the “losers” to remain silent, and let the “victors” get away with it! When in reality, if the IEBC announces Kenyatta, all people should know that Kenyatta and the JEBC stole it.

We can wonder if the Sugar or even Unga Cartels ordered this sort of mess, since they are surely provided during the Kenyatta era, with fortunes and with making crisis to sponge of government donations for trading what they had in stocks. Certainly, these men and woman wants to continue their profitable government and not have someone questioning their business-model.

So I now expect during the day, a call and a memorandum from the JEBC, where the victor and thief-in-command to be Kenyatta. I don’t dislike him, I just want an honest winner and someone who can show with paper trail that he was the genuine winner. Not like now, when there are too many questions unanswered and just Pressers from JEBC and good fellas telling the Kenyans to believe in the JEBC and let it go. Because, the cartels and other providers will continue to steal from you and you have to live with it. That isn’t fair or right. That is plain simple wrong!

Raila Odinga and NASA, I support your quest, even when the International Observers put the knife through you and your campaign. However, rest assure, there are other who questions the business done at Bomas. No one should be allow the grand theft of office and get away it! Peace.


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