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IEBC Leaked Presidential Real Time Results!

Not only has National Super Alliance (NASA) come with their own results and released them through a presser. Today, there are leaked dbo.PRESIDENTIAL_REAL_TIME from the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) been released on the web.

Even I gotten the two pages. The key numbers of this document is on page number 2. Which states this that the Jubilee Alliance Party, President Uhuru Kenyatta 7,735,428 votes in this election and that NASA candidate Raila Odinga got 8,041,726 votes. This is totally 16,993,696 votes. That would mean that Odinga should be announced, if they would defy the IEBC and the government who hired them.

NASA would mean that the incumbent would step down before he had done his second term. That would differ from the norm in Kenya right now. So with this is the sort of Real Time leak shows the problems with the IEBC portal, since that one has given all way to the Kenyatta. The observers can say whatever they do, to give legitimacy to the charade, but the reality is getting clearer that there been some cooking in the kitchen without the recipe.

IEBC has really issues if they don’t comment on the leaks and the counting numbers. As the documentation are really damaging the IEBC Portal and the verification from there. This also put the trust of the election at an all-time low. Since the trust between the authorities and the parties isn’t there. The parties cannot see-eye-to-eye.

I don’t expect the IEBC to verify this ones, because the IEBC are seemingly working for the benefit of the incumbent and will deliver as promised. Therefore, these numbers might not be respected because it doesn’t fit what they have delivered and verified on the IEBC Portal. That will be smack in the face and also proving to the world that their numbers and counting wasn’t truthful.

This is a disgrace and also shows the pressure put on the chairman Wafula Chebukati cannot mange to follow the procedures of Presidential Declaration Forms and instead a pre-fixed algorithm that gives the incumbent safe victory, even if it doesn’t fit anything else than an alternative reality! Peace.

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2 thoughts on “IEBC Leaked Presidential Real Time Results!

  1. HeriKalela on said:

    This is stupid.If NASA believe they got more votes,why didnt they ask for a recount during the petition?

    • nilspeace on said:

      Hi HeriKalela! The recount would pointless, when seeing the Internal Memo dropped yesterday, as well as all the other technics done by the IEBC to manufacture the result. A reason why the IEBC lost the petiton and had to call new elections. NASA was not stupid, they have exposed the IEBC and it is now starting with infighting. Clearly, there are more under surface.

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