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Opinion: #ElectionKe – “John Kerry is a spineless man!”

I do not know what happen to this man, but he seem tired and with a need of vacation. Since his mind is not correct. The General Election in Kenya 2017 was peaceful, but the aftermath and the counting was not correctly done. It is not done free and fair, it is not even following protocol, the IEBC are cooking numbers.

They are following text messages and not final declarations forms, which means the tallies will differ from the reality and the IEBC know they have trouble to announce these IEBC Portal numbers, because their math problem does not make sense. At this point John Kerry, who is not a state official and not part of the United States effort to bring peace in Kenya. He is a private person running wildly around and claiming stuff on behalf of the Carter Center of Atlanta, Georgia.

It is insane that you should walk away from theft and just move on. That the Kenyans should accept a forged foul played massaged electoral results with no clear justification. Because an American lost his own election and couldn’t manage to find the missing votes in one state in 2004. That, he and the Democrats couldn’t find the gerrymandering and the computer problems back-in-the-day. That the Republicans did does not mean the Jubilee should not be allowed right now to move-on like nothing today.

That is just plain wrong Mr. Kerry, former Secretary of State; you should show some more decency to the Kenyan voters and public. Certainly, as the forms are not uphold, the declarations forms are not uploaded and the digital revelations do not make common sense. The hacking, the manufactured poll data should worry, and other observers who obviously do not care. You just want it go back to normal so the Carter Center can promote their good deeds and progress to their American donors.

Even after the Supreme Court voted not in your favor, the supporters of the Democratic Party destroyed the parade of the then President Bush and his convoy, they throw eggs and others stuff at the cars. It is even a explicit part of Michael Moore documentary. Therefore, that you tell the Kenyan citizens to wait for challenges in court is insulting. You knew how it went with your case, why will it differ for Odinga?

Even if the numbers are cooked in someone backyard and inside someone’s hyper technical polling programming that only makes sense to those who bend algorithms. The rest of us will just protect the ballots and the principals, as the polling station forms are tampered with, not signed and forged, the ones uploaded differs from the digital numbers and the Presidential Elections Portal seems like science fiction. This is not how it is was supposed to end. The numbers game is not right, and you John Kerry should know this.

Ian Reed wrote this about John Kerry on the 24th November 2004:

“Kerry “conceded very prematurely,” says Bev Harris. “They don’t even really know if they won or lost in Ohio. They are basing this on a verbal okay from someone in the secretary of state’s office who said there were only 150,000 provisional ballots. But where is the source data on that? What auditing do they have on those? They couldn’t tell me. I don’t understand how you would concede without even beginning the canvassing, because with these voting machines, we don’t have adequate auditing in place.” (Ian Reed – ‘Election Fraud for Dummies’ 24.11.2004 link: http://site.www.umb.edu/faculty/salzman_g/Strate/Salz/2004-11-24.htm).

So the man who gave up the rigging of Ohio in 2004 are 13 years later asking Odinga to give up the rigging today! That is insane and so wrong. If he himself had pushed for recounts and checks in the districts where even the numbers was overstated and more than possible voters in the districts. The case for Kerry could have been there; alas, he gave in and gave way for a second term of George W. Bush.

So, Jubilee can take his words as praise and hope this is giving them international credibility, but NASA should continue and pursuit justice for the ballots, the Declaration Forms and get real verified counted ballots. Not like today, where SMS texts and specialized numbers are put on the IEBC Portal, which is hard to believe and do not fit the declaration forms that comes from the polling stations. Peace.


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