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Opinion: If these elections are rigged in favor of Kenyatta; do the Kenyans care?

I start to wonder if the Kenyan people care or they are fatigued by the leadership, who are used to get away with grand-corruption and excessive use of the state. It seems like the Jubilee Alliance Party, the President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto can do as they please. It does not matter if the signs are there.

It doesn’t matter if the few uploaded Declaration Forms 34(b) are signed by 3 Jubilee Party Agents, and none from the others. That the verified results differs from many Declaration Forms, that it was texts and nearly looking like bots that made the difference between Kenyatta and Odinga. Well, it is just the same-old, same-old. More drama, just another day, more crying foul from the opposition and the government getting away it.

There been reveled manners of forms, which differs from the results on many polling stations. In addition, the vast numbers of ballots that has been discarded or taken as wrong, these been enough to many constituencies, but no one questions that. They just accept it and take it, that the Kenyans are lacking the civil education to know how to pinpoint the one candidate they prefer.

What others find on the IEBC page about the Declaration Forms as well, is that they are not properly stamped, not followed procedure of fellow opposition signatures or party agents others than Jubilee. It makes it suspicious. Not that we wish ill intent and wants to question the elections, but the patterns are not solid in the aftermath. The records and the paper trail is not solid as it could be.

If Kenyatta wants to be announced the winner this way, then he likes to cheat and be a cheater. He doesn’t like to be legitimate and righteous. Not that Odinga had enough support, it would be narrow, but the questions, will always remain, we’re these elections and counting true? Was this incumbent the true victor?

Do Kenyatta want all this uncertainties, living on borrowed fake paperwork and technical duplications to make sure his reign continues? Is that the man and the proud politician lives by? Is that why he could say to so many groups of people that he did not need their votes? Because well, he could rig it in his favor anyway?

Finally, when we cannot trust the portal and the results there for the Presidential elections, what about the rest, are these verified or just done by Gods good grace and mercy?



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