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Opinion: The arrogance of Jubilee towards the NASA questioning the Presidential Results is something else!

No matter what sort of result this election would have, it would be contested and questioned. Which, is natural because the election is between such coalitions who has known each other for decades and follow family dynasties. The Kenyatta’s and Odinga’s done so for generations. Therefore, the Kenyan election was expected to be so. Especially considering the extra-judicial killings before the polls and the questionable ICT expertise and results testing before the polls.

So the Jubilee Party should understand the NASA position after the polls:

Tuju was responding to an announcement by NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga, who has rejected provisional results by the electoral commission terming them “fake and fictitious”. “We want people to look at the figures soberly. These results are not coming from out of the blue. They are backed by facts,” Tuju said. “You cannot claim that results are fake with respect to presidential vote and you welcome the areas where your Governors and MPs have won convincingly. You have to accept the results however they come,” he stated” (…) “All the form 34As, what we have is what NASA has, what IEBC has, what is coming out of the polling stations and the constituency centres must be the same and if there is any conflict that would be a recipe for chaos. So we would like to appeal to our opponents that they should be exercise restraint,” he said” (Ndonga, 2017).

I can understand the NASA statement and their understanding of the figures delivered from the IEBC. They are too perfect synchronized and following a similar line of voters like in 2013. The same way Uhuru Kenyatta won then. Therefore, the IEBC has some dire issues and trust issues that flares up. The death of ICT Manager Chris Msando and his logging-in on the Polling Day to the system. Is not building the trust. There are some problems and some setbacks. As well, as the sudden stop of delivering of results during the evening last evening.

There are enough questionable acts, together with lack of transparency, lack of use of the Declaration Forms and the double of dose as well. Together with the SQL Protocol the NASA Team got a hunch of. All of this adds-up to questionable acts and problematic questions of counting of the votes.

For all we can guess now, since the results on the Portal isn’t from all the Declaration Forms of 34(b), they could be from text messages fitting the program of the Jubilee party and their well-wishers. The trust of this is lacking, even if John Kerry smooches with the people at Bomas. There, are enough questions remaining and it isn’t just poppy-talk. It is serious and important, that the ballots are respected, as that is the real will of citizens. Not the will Kenyatta and Ruto. Certainly, this seems to less important at this point.

I will always worry when the results streamlined on the portal is to perfect in line and without any real ups and down among the candidates. The uploaded are to in sync, like line-dancers and preforming in way that seems to be already put in place. So that Jubilee comes out with this statement, proves their arrogance, because they should look into all the questionable acts towards the Declaration Forms and the way the uploaded results are delivered.

Do the Jubilee want to win with a cheat or win with fair tally? Seems like cheating is the way of WINNING. That is darn sad way of entering into office as incumbent, because deep in your heart, you know you wasn’t righteous to be the Executive and the President of the Republic. Peace.


Ndonga, Simon – ‘JP asks Opposition to accept presidential poll results’ (09.08.2017) link: http://www.capitalfm.co.ke/news/2017/08/jp-asks-opposition-accept-presidential-poll-results/


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