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Opinion: Starting to question the verified results of IEBC!

There are now clear problems since the results from the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission, who had a serious hitch last night. When the Bomas was closed-off from the journalists. This was reported that the National Talley Centre sent the journalists packing. This after a few updates of the results up to about 30% of the votes. When the Jubilee and President Uhuru Kenyatta had been leading with 300,000 votes.

Now the hours are going, and there was already yesterday differences between certain Presidential Declaration Forms 34(b) and what was on the IEBC Portal. That leaves the problems of trusting the verified results from the Electoral Commission. It is not because we don’t want to faith in the KIEMS and BVRs, that even broke down at many Polling Stations. So the results are in favor of Kenyatta right now, and not for National Super Alliance (NASA) and Raila Odinga.

It is hard to start trusting IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati, when he during the Press Conference today, after releasing and verifying 75% of the votes on their portal says: “The results on screen are not final results; final will come from forms in the 290 constituencies”. So if that is so, then the results released from yesterday is fake and a bot delivering the news that Kenyatta wants?

Musalia Mudavadi the day before sent a stern warning about possible rigging and now in the dawn after the polls, it seems true. As the questionable forms and the different results on the portal compared to many declarations forms. If the declaration forms are vital for a polling station, than they should be released together with the photocopy of the 34(a) or (b), since this is vital to trust the results verified election results.

So we cannot trust the portal, since even the IEBC boss Chebukati says so. We can just wait and wonder what will be real result out of Bomas. The IEBC most work in haste and in worry at the National Talley Centre, since they are at this limbo. They are not updating and the ones that has been updated cannot be trusted. It is not a sign of trust. Because the election has been peaceful and not any sort of demonstrations. The Kenyan public have done their civic duty in peace.

What is worrying if the rigging and the IEBC will work in favor of the ruling party Jubilee and not for the possible public will of the NASA. This will be sad and insane, that the hours are ticking and the IEBC is not acting trustworthy. We wonder if the results and verification would been different if IEBC ICT Manager Chis Msando was still breathing. But that is just allegations and conspiracy at this point.

We just have to wait and see, it is natural to be skeptical to the IEBC… especially when they are doing this and 24 hours after the polls. They should have just waited to offer and verify the Declaration Forms, instead of dropping bots numbers. Peace.

IEBC Bot working on overtime last night, aye?


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