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“Uhuru for Us” wants supporters to use Facebook on Election Day to campaign for Uhuru!

Uhuru Kenyatta and his team is working overtime to secure the incumbent and the Jubilee Alliance Party another term on the cost of the National Super Alliance (NASA). This can be said with the messages sent the associates this morning. A group called “Uhuru for Us” send messages on mail or SMS saying:

The title of the Message/Mail is: “Have you voted yet? Stop Raila, Save Kenya!”

Polling Stations has been open for three hours. Have you casted your ballot yet?”

Later the message says: “If you have, then tell the world that you have voted for Uhuru on Facebook. It will encourage your Facebook friends to go and vote for Uhuru’s re-election too. Raila’s team is reporting a high turnout in their strongholds”. Lastly it says: “This will likely be a very tight election. We need to get as many votes as possible. Help us build momentum for Uhuru by using your own Facebook network”.

The “Uhuru for Us” are asking for campaigning on the election day and that people themselves are using themselves as promotional tools on the final day. This for the incumbent and to make sure their majority by any means. The “Uhuru for Us” want the world see a picture of many Uhuru voters over the concern of Raila’s. So that the belief that Uhuru is winning. This is insane to do this sort of play in the last minute of the election day. However, this proves the extent of play the Jubilee and their associates do to get re-elected this time.

They could have done it with some tact and honesty, had faith in their own achievements, but clearly that is not enough. They need another PR scoop before all the ballots are cast. Peace.


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