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Double Presidential Declaration Form 34(b) from Biashara Polling Station in Kiambu County!

This is worrying when I can get two forms from one Polling Stations. That the counting of the tally from this place seems strange and when both are online. It starts questioning of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), the way the polling station counting shows, that the released numbers come from the Portal, also you can wonder if Declaration Form number 1 or number 2.

There is double results from one Polling Station on the Declaration Form 34(b), this was in the Kiambu County, in the Rurru Constituency and in the Biashara Ward.

Declaration Form 1: One of them the incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta got 485 votes, Rail Odinga got 54, Joseph William Ntahiga Nyagah got 1 vote and Mohammed Abduba Dida got 1 vote. On this form it says a total of 691 votes and a 541 counted.

Declaration Form 2: One the other form incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta got 446, Raila Odinga got 74 and Joseph William Ntahiga Nyagah 1 vote. On this form it says a total of 692 votes and a 521 counted.

This numbers differs and therefore you can question the IEBC and the Presidential race be put into question. If this is one single polling station or on bigger scale. If it is on bigger scale, then it is harder to trust the result. And after such peaceful and positive vibes at the polling stations, except for the areas with rain where people couldn’t vote. There still, has been a good overall feeling from it. Peace.

Form 1:

Form 2:


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