Opinion: Hope Odinga gets to Canaan tomorrow!

“I’ve looked over, and I’ve seen the promised land. I may not get there with you, but I want you to know tonight that we as a people will get to the promised land. So I’m happy tonight. I’m not worried about anything. I’m not fearing any man. ”Martin Luther King Jr.

I hope for the National Super Alliance (NASA), the whole opposition party coalition and the Presidential Candidate Raila Odinga, which he gets his chance to, cross the river Jordan and get into promise land. However, there are obstacles and uncertainty of it. Even if many of the polls on the social media has been in favor and grand studies before the election has given him a majority.

The reasons are that other political dynasty under the KANU/Kikuyu umbrella of Uhuru Kenyatta and his teammate, the former student of Daniel Arap Moi, DP William Ruto will not let this go easy. Even if he speaks of a peaceful transition, the legacy left behind after this of extra-judicial killings and enormous amounts of corruption scandals. Should certainly tarnish the reputation and give way for other type of leadership. Alas, the situation is not that easy.

The naked eye might say NASA should have it coming with their added bedfellows, with their strength in the partnership between the leaders and their front man, while Jubilee has consolidated their parties into one Alliance Party before the elections. Therefore, they are not a coalition, but one single party.

The fear is that Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) through all sorts of manipulations, either technical or personal breaches will make the government win again. That through the forgery of non-internet connections double up voters in Jubilee stronghold and hire someone in the place of deceased Chris Msando to fix the KIEMS system in favor. If all of this true, than it does not matter how someone vote, when the system screws it in favor of one-party and their delegates. Let us hope Kenyatta is a better sport and as honest as he claims to be.

“In 1966, Jomo Kenyatta isolated Oginga Odinga as Kenya‘s Vice President and the Luos have never forgiven the Kikuyu community for that fallout. Ironically, it is Odinga who had held KANU together when Kenyatta was in detention. Odinga even declined to form a government without Kenyatta when the British invited him to do so. The dismissal of Odinga was very Machiavellian in the way it was executed, because Kenyatta basically baited Odinga into resigning from government. He made it very hard for Odinga to function effectively as his principal assistant for Kenyatta was a very cunning politician. Although he rewarded his followers and supporters, he was also very sensitive to those who appeared popular and tried to become independent of him” (Maurice N. Amutabi – ‘Beyond Imperial Presidency in Kenya: Interrogating the Kenyatta, Moi and Kibaki Regimes and Implications for Democracy and Development’ KSR Volume 1, Number 1, December 2009).

I am sure that Raila Odinga remembers the stories from his father and have felt the pain of people dismissing him, as the legacy of KANU, and Kenyatta has followed him; he is the second generation Odinga and the one has been the shadow of the Kenyatta’s. So to this day, he campaigning and steady struggle to become a President. Might finally pay off.

There is still a road ahead, the former Prime Minister, the one who has been so close before and lost to the other dynasty, might reach this time. He might, but the cost and toil to get there must been long. The walking in desert wondering if he comes, if he gets shelter or get support. Even if he has now done so with a group for so long. The NASA and before within CORD.

Odinga has battled and continued, he has been tear-sprayed, his supporters has been detained, his supporters has even died for demonstrating for just causes. While the Jubilee have lingered in power and in secure positions. They have been blasted and warned, they have been scorned and humiliated, but they have continue to pressure on. Not given-in and not given-up. They could have and some might wonder why they did not, that was for the mere fact.

That fact must have been one thing and one thing only, hope. Hope that your turn will come and you will prevail. That one day the Odinga will reach promise land and get the prize to lead and serve the nation at its highest position. We will see what tomorrow bring, if it is rigging, fear of military police and fear of anti-riot police in the streets. If we will see happiness and peace.

We can hope for a new beginning, a new saga and a new story, which entails not the Kenyatta’s, but the Odinga’s. With mere new enforcement and hope for another type of governance. Uhuru Kenyatta has done his mission and done his part, together with William Ruto. Time for new brooms and new whistles to sound.

It should be time for Odinga to cross the river and get into the promised-land, it took so and seemed like it never would happen. Now we can hopefully see it. Peace.

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