Opinion: “I don’t need your vote” message from President Kenyatta is insulting!

It is getting closer to the polls and the secret ballots to be dropped in the boxes at the polling stations on the 8th August 2017. Certainly, President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto are confident of their role and to become incumbent in power. This seems for them to be within reach.

In a republic full of tribes and with a former problem of ethnic squabbles, that has created tensions between the tribes. You should think that the political being and second generation leader like Uhuru Kenyatta knew better. Still, he uses tricks of Kikuyu to control, the same is done by the other big ethnic groups like Kalenjin and Luo. The discussion I will bring into, is not the difference between Uhuru and the predecessors like Jomo Kenyatta, Mwai Kibaki and Daniel Arap Moi.

But what he has done that is insulting. He has told them he doesn’t need their votes. That their secret ballots and their voice into the government didn’t matter to him. This is what have told the people of Turkana, Makueni (Kamba) and Kakamega (Luhya). These people deserve better, they all are as important as the Kalenjin, Kikuyu and Luo. They are all part of the republic. This should be basic for the man in charge and for the man who has run the republic for a term already.

Still, it isn’t visible to him. When he can insult them on the campaign trial. Be so proud and so cocky, just tell them-off. Thanks, but no thanks brothers and sisters. You don’t count and I don’t need you. I will sit in SUV and ride my Presidential Convoy without you. I might do some government projects, but that is more for PR, not because you matter to me. That is what he could have said to the people of Turkana, the Kambas and the Luhya. Since initial that what it means when he don’t need their votes.

As a leader for the whole republic and someone who has been the highest official for the republic, he should say he wants anyone to vote for him and fight for that vote. He could have told in a rally in Nairobi: “I don’t need the people of Kibera”, later in the speech say: “I only needs the people of Karen and Langata”. Let’s be clear, President Kenyatta hasn’t said that, but he could have at this point. Since he has already disrespected three tribes and counties.

A man who has a run a republic should know better and should be more humble. Show some humility and know that he is there because of them. Even if they didn’t vote for him last time, he still represented them for the years of the term. That should go into his veins and changed his mind. Because the way he act, he act so entitled and lacks respect of the people.

I wish it was different, I wish that President Kenyatta showed the people some humility and respect…

Is that to much to ask for the leader and the representative, that the person actually feels he needs every single vote and every single tribe? Is it in 2017 to expect that the leadership of Nairobi doesn’t care about where in Kenya your reside, but still wants to see after your needs? Is that too much?

Seems so, since he can disrespect so many people. Hope the Kenyans make a good decisions in their coming election. Also, we shall hope that the IEBC extra-judicial killing Chris Msanda isn’t to secure the possible rigging together with the 1,3 million extra ballots printed for the election. Peace.

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