Helt ute av sporet (Okumala ekigwo okulyaku kya okuziga)

MP aspirant for Emgwen Constituency Meshack Kimutai shot in Kapsabet!

In a race of five aspirant MPs in Emgwen Constituency, there are now only four lefts just five days from the polls. There are possible MPs left behind these are Elias Ngetich, Wilfred Bugei, Alex Kimutai Kosgei and Dr. Kenneth Meli. The one that has left the race is Meshack Kimutai. Not because the person wanted to leave his political ambition, but because a violent attack on happen today. He might survive today, but that can only the doctors and the healing of the wounds say. 

Meshack Kimutai was today shot four or five times in Kapsabet, this was the Jubilee MP candidate. The killers left in a Toyata Maroon Premio.

There are conflicting reports which says this:

Reports reaching my desk says that Meshack Kimutai MP aspirant Emgwen Constituency was today beaten senselessly by his supporters that he had not paid and currently in ICU. We are still following on this reports” (Kiplangat Abraham Mutai, 03.08.2017).

So some says he is beaten other says he was killed by four shots. The other says he is injured after a beating by people he had promised or owed monies to.

Later report came this:

It is important to note that Meshack Kimutai Jubilee parliamentary candidate for Emgwen constituency has not passed on yet though in critical condition fighting for his life at Mediheal Eldoret.

He was shot five times this evening by unknown people in Kapkangani area while on campaign trail” (Fred Ochieng’ Madanje, 03.08.2017).

What the end of game of melee that happe n in Kapsabet and who did what. Is not easy to know, but the MP aspirant are hurt and shot. It is now in the hands of the medical staff and God to decided his destiny. That is as he is at the Mediheal Eldoret and more news will come, either positive note or yet another death by force during the final days of this Kenyan Election. Peace.

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