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White House conflicting statement’s towards Russia, proves the problematic relationship Trump has with Russia!

Today’s two statements that was released shortly after each says something. Not about the sanctions the bipartisan bills in Senate and the House voted on a massive margin. There was relief or no positive way out for the President to not sign the act. If he had done so, the legislation and the sanctions towards Russia would be another proof of the collusion. We can still question the timing and the days that went from passing it.

The act that was signed today was introduced on the 24th July 2017, voted in the House on the 25th July 2017 with a 419-3. On the 27th July 2017, the Senate vote on the same Act, this time it was 98-2. Then on the 28th July 2017, it was presented to the President for signing. This after a fantastic majority of both chambers voting on it. So on 2nd August 2017 the President signed the Act on sanctions. That means 5 days it was waiting on his desk and he was wondering what to do about it.

Therefore, with the knowledge of the act and the passages damaging the trades and bilateral work that co-exists between the United States and Russia. They have never been true allies, only in need during the Second World War, ever since the Communists and the Americans has been enemies. Therefore today’s statements from the White House strikes out as strange!

The one written in old fonts looking like a typewriter says:

While I favor tough measures to punish and deter aggressive and destabilizing behavior by Iran, North Korea, and Russia, this legislation is significantly flawed”. Than, he continues to blast the part of Russia in the law: “My Administration will give careful and respectful consideration to the preference expressed by the Congress in these various provisions and will implement them in a manner consistent with the President’s constitutional authority to conduct foreign relations” (…) “Finally, my Administration particularly expects the Congress to refrain from using this flawed bill to hinder our important work with European allies to resolve the conflict in Ukraine, and from using it to hinder our efforts to address any unintended consequences it may have for American business, our friends, or our allies”.

It is hard to believe that the U.S. Government under President Trump cares about the turmoil and conflict in Ukraine, as the ties to Moscow and Russia are so close. That is why the President calls these sanctions flawed, since the Capitol Hill already voted in majority that Trump couldn’t veto. The President might have disliked the whole sanctions, but he didn’t complain about the 700 people losing their jobs in Russia. As the Diplomatic Staff are removed as the Russian addressed the new sanctions with counter measures. But even with this the President didn’t complain. Not like he did to others like Nordstrom dropping Ivanka’s clothing-line or Meryl Streep’s aggressive speech and so on. The benign things has been addressed like the ratings of Apprentice with Arnold Schwarzenegger, who even got canceled. Still, this shows his mindset that he cannot attack or talk vicious of Russia or Putin, but everyone else. Like he address Senators or Representatives for either parties bad, until he needs their votes for his cause.

But before I start bickering more, here is important parts of Russian obsessions:

I also support making clear that America will not tolerate interference in our democratic process and that we will side with our allies and friends against Russian subversion and destabilization” (…) “Yet despite its problems, I am signing this bill for the sake of national unity. It represents the will of the American people to see Russia take steps to improve relations with the United States. We hope there will be cooperation between our two countries on major global issues so that these sanctions will no longer be necessary” (…) “I built a truly great company worth many billions of dollars. That is a big part of the reasons I was elected. As President, I can make far better deals with foreign countries than Congress”.

Than as we look into the second statement that was fierce against the Congress. He even lectured them on the Russian sanctions. Since Trump believes he could make better deals than the Congress. So he has issues with the interference into the democratic process, he says so in the statement, but still wants to take steps into improving the relations. This proves that he wants to work closer to the Russians, even if he himself states they interfered. He also, wants to find a common ground to stop the problems between the nations, so that the American government can forgive what the Russians did during the last years election.

Than in the latest he has to state about his Trump Organization and his deal-making, that he believes he could do better than the Congress. Since the Congress put the sanctions in place and that hurt the relationship with Russia. One that President Trump wants to keep. It is strange that President Trump sounds like the Russians today on the Sanctions, just Mikhail Bogdanov said on the 1st August:

“You know our position, these actions are absolutely unlawful, they do not help reach an understanding and the necessary level of trust between us and the Americans,” the senior Russian diplomat pointed out” (…) “This is sad, it affects our bilateral relations [with the United States – TASS],” Bogdanov went on to say. “I think that it does not add optimism regarding the possibility for us to coordinate our approaches towards a whole range of regional issues, including our relations with such important partner and neighbor as Iran,” he added” (Tass, 01.08.2017, link: http://tass.com/politics/958614).

So even he call it unlawful and it’s sad. Just like Trump said, but in other words. Russian President Vladimir Putin also spoke his peace after the votes and said this:

The president explained why response measures have been taken now. “Because the American side once again made an absolutely ungrounded, which is important, step to deteriorate the Russian-US relations, imposing illegal restrictions and trying to press other countries, including its allies, which are interested in the development and maintaining of relations with Russia,” he said, obviously referring to the US bill toughening the anti-Russian sanctions. “We have been waiting for quite a long time for any positive changes [in the United States’ attitudes to Russia], we have hoped that the situation will change somehow. But, to all appearances, even if it ever changes, it will not be soon,” he said in an interview with VGTRK host Vladimir Solovyov. “I thought we must demonstrate that we are not going to leave anything unanswered either” (TASS, 30.07.2017, link: http://tass.com/politics/958347).

So when President Trump doesn’t answer this and get’s insulted for the whole world to know. Than days later answer with two half-ass apology statements. There is something wrong in that picture. That the relationship between Trump Organization and Russia is destroying the relations. While Russia can answer the sanctions and apply clear stance on the subject. President Trump was silent. Said nothing and commented on other subjects. He didn’t even sign the bill. Trump even waited three days after the Putin televised interview.

Trump hopes this bill is a sign of Russian create a better relations between the nations and cooperate. The President also hopes the sanctions wont be necessary. The same that the Russian also says, but they have to say it, because they hurt the Russians. These sanctions doesn’t hurt Americans, but it hurts Trump’s relations. If Russia wasn’t important, he would have gone wild on them and kicked them on Twitter in a heart-beat. Like he done to China when talking about the problems in North Korea. Peace.

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