Chris Msando’s Land Rover is found in the ward of Roysambu in Karasani, Nairobi!

Suddenly a fellow tweeter released the pictures of the missing car of IEBC ICT Manager Chris Msando. Who had been supposed missing since early morning Saturday and last seen in the evening of Friday at Anniversary Tower at 10:00 AM on Friday. Mid-day Friday seen with a female passenger.

Now the car belong to him is found in Karasani and in the ward of Roysambu. Certainly, this can not be just barely luck, that is was so central and in such an area. That the authorities has to answer for this and also now start the search in the area for him. Even see if the phone can found near a cell-tower or anything. This is very suspect behavior. The authorities has to look into this.

Especially, since the IEBC and the whole Police Service was probing the matter. The Officers should look into it and if they are serious. Than, the victim and the one suddenly missing should resurface. Since the car suddenly came back into our lives. The Land Rover Discovery are now back, now it is just the person himself. The Tech genius inside the IEBC has to come back into the General Election. Since he has to be in Nairobi or somewhere close. Since his car is there.

Time will tell, but this story is not over. The Jubilee and Cambridge Analytica cannot help themselves. I was expecting another superhero with a Panga, not a car on the far-side of Thika Road. Peace.

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