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IEBC ICT Manager Msando disappear days ahead of the polls with similar reports to the Juma killing!

Just as the drama continues called the General Election of 2017 and the 8th August polls in Kenya are getting closer. The drama continues, yesterday it was action-packed Sylvester Stallone character who forced himself in DP William Ruto’s estate with a panga, fought an Armored Personnel Carrier, started a gun-fight and was able to be hidden on the compound. While fighting security guards from GSU and also the possible specialist officers from Recce Squad. If it sounds benign and like a Statham action movie, it is because it is and both statements from IGP Joseph Boinnnet sounds unreal.

Therefore, as the 900,000 extra ballots are printed and the Jubilee Government needs some diversions, again a person is all of a sudden gone. This time the head of the different parts of the digital infrastructure of the General Election and a vital part of the Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission (IEBC) ICT Manager Christopher (Chris) Msando, are just abducted and taken away on Friday night! Just days ahead of another election in Kenya. It seems weird how close and by what means that he is gone.

This was reported earlier today:

Chris Msando, who is also acting ICT director, lives in Nyayo estate. He was last seen on Friday night, chairman Wafula Chebukati said in a statement on Sunday. “The last communication from him is an SMS sent to one of his colleagues at around 3am on Saturday morning,” Chebukati said. He added the content of the SMS suggested Msando was conscious and fully aware of his itinerary for the day” (Agutu & Nyaudi, 2017).

EBC’s acting Director of ICT, Chris Msando, has been reported missing since Saturday. According to people in the organization, the acting director who stays in Nyayo Estate has been missing with no trace as to where he went or has been since yesterday. CID probe shows missing IEBC ICT manager last seen Friday 2.30am driving on Mombasa Rd accompanied by female passenger” (Udaku, 2017).

Missing IEBC ICT deputy director Christopher Musando was last seen at Anniversary Towers at about 10pm on Friday, police say” (Kenya Citizen TV, 30.07.2017).

So the reports are steady, but is suspicious timing, as the ICT Official and head behind vital programs for safety of the digital polls are sudden gone away. This just a week ahead before the polls. This is showing the problems within the IEBC and the Jubilee Party. Because in May 2016, this was how it was described about Jacob Juma, just to remind yourself how history repeats itself!

The police recently revealed that Jacob Juma was last seen with a female partner. Apparently, Juma had hosted the lady at his apartment in Westlands before dropping her in town at around 8pm. For obvious reasons, the police did not reveal the identity of the lady” (Ken, 2016).

NAIROBI, Kenya, May 6 – Controversial businessman Jacob Juma was shot dead by gunmen while driving to his Karen home in Nairobi on Thursday night. Police say he was blocked and shot several times, but nothing was stolen from him, according to a report filed in the Occurrence Book at the Karen Police Station” (Capital FM, 2016).

So the similarities between the Chris Msando and Jacob Juma. We can hope that he isn’t an extra-judicial killing, because he didn’t want to deliver to the aspects of rigging that the central leadership of the IEBC wanted him to do. But the abduction and the responses from IEBC and the media has been alike. That is worrying. With the manner of the killings in Kenya. There are still no answers to what happen a Bomas when compared to the death of CS Joseph Nkaissery, that is still unanswered and not looked into.

So, today the alarm should ring, when the state and the Electoral Body comes with similar reports than to the ones who has already fallen. Not that I hope Msando is dead, but the possibility is there. Since Juma was seen with a lady and gotten killed. The same now happened with Msando. We know nothing about what happen at some point during the weekend. He was seen in town earlier in the day with a lady and in the evening at Anniversary Tower, than at Saturday Morning was the last SMS from Msando. So the timeline is there, but there are empty slots and the activity from early Saturday morning to Sunday is still unclear.

Therefore, the missing ICT Manager and IEBC Official who has lots of information on the digital polling and the digital ballots. This will be important when revealing the winner and the result of the votes in the coming days. Msando’s electoral system would be vital and the KIEMs system. You know it is serious when the two phone-lines of the man is missing together with his Land Rover Discovery. There is clearly someone trying to put him silent.

We will see where this goes, but this proves that Jubilee is putting up the ante for victory. Now even IEBC Official vital to the ballot exercise on the 8th August 2017 is missing, this happening days before it. Together with other acts of diversions. Since the ballot scandal of ordering 900,000 to many ballots and secondly, the secret military operations looming. Certainly, the Jubilee does whatever it can run government at any price. Time will tell how this saga goes… Peace.


Agutu, Nancy & Nyaudi, Lewis – ‘ IEBC’s ICT manager Chris Msando goes missing, probe on’ (30.07.2017) link: http://www.the-star.co.ke/news/2017/07/30/iebcs-ict-manager-chris-msando-goes-missing-probe-on_c1607002

Capital FM – ‘Businessman Jacob Juma shot dead in Nairobi’ (06.05.2016) link: http://www.capitalfm.co.ke/news/2016/05/controversial-businessman-jacob-juma-shot-dead-nairobi/

Ken – ‘Cheryl Kitonga: The Lady Who Was With Jacob Juma The Night He Died (PHOTOS)’ (24.05.2016) link: http://nairobiwire.com/2016/05/cheryl-kitonga-the-lady-who-was-with-jacob-juma-the-day-he-died-photos.html

Udaku – ‘IEBC Acting Director of ICT Chris Msando Reported Missing with no trace’ (30.07.2017) link: https://www.udaku.co.ke/2017/07/30/iebc-acting-director-of-ict-chris-msando-reported-missing-with-no-trace/


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