Out of Hollywood: A One-Man Action-Hero with a Panga starts a gunfight at DP Ruto’s home!

Deputy President William Samoi Ruto left already in morning for a Campaign rally in Kitale. Because after the early reports the home of the Deputy was filled with the Reece Squad and GSU Officers who was checking the place. They we’re there the whole day. Which all seems strange how quickly they could surface and fix the problems. This happens the day after the revealed Kenya Defense Force Operation Dumisha Utulivu, whom the army and the government kept a secret. Therefore, the next day after the revelation, the Jubilee and the government could spin-it. It seems so, since the first reports are of gunshots and violence, while the latter are a machete assailant, who had special skills to trick GSU officers and possible the Recce squad present as well. Since this is supposed to be one of the most guarded houses in the Republic, since the VP reside here. Just take a look!

Reports Hours Earlier all over Kenyan Media:

Witnesses said the gunmen are Somali and that they had pretended to be selling sheets. They said the attackers burned the guard’s house after getting into the compound. A GSU officer guarding the gate was shot and injured and his gun snatched before fighting began. A corporal in charge of the home’s security was killed” (Ndanyi, 2017).

Capital FM report:

The officer’s gun was also stolen during the attack that occurred shortly after the DP left for Kitale for a rally with President Uhuru Kenyatta. “There are armed people who staged the attack and have shot the GSU officer and stolen his gun,” a security official said, but was uncomfortable being named because he is not authorized to brief journalists on matters touching on the DP’s security or his home” (Capital FM, 2017).

IGP Joseph Boinnet Statement about it:

Today at about 12.00 noon, an individual approached the outer gate at HE. The Deputy President’s rural residence in Sugoi, Usain Gishu County. In circumstances that are yet unclear, he hit an officer on duty severally with a machete and managed to enter the farm complex. Other officers were quickly mobilized and the intruder was forced to hide at a building that is still under construction next to the gate” (…) “HE. The President was neither at the residence nor any member of his family at the time and the residential house secure. The injured officer is undergoing treatment and is in stable condition. Specialist officers have been deployed to deal with the intruder” (Kenya National Police Service, 29.07.2017).

To put in perspective, a panga or machete wielding fellow has the capacity to start a gunfight, pass through one of the best gated houses in the Republic with well-trained security officer down. Stealing the guns he posses and passes through the gates. While inside the gates making a gunfight with the stolen gun. Seems like the pretending Somali Sheets salesmen was a trained panga user who could be able to assault an GSU Officer and proceed through the gates. Than, to hold a gunfight with a stolen gun, you need to have enough ammunition to keep it up and balance the shots of the Security Officers. It all seem far-fetched, a dream scenario and a bit to Hollywood for real life.

We can question this, because of the timing, the ability of the security forces to show-up and also the planned campaign rally appeared at the Kitale Stadium in Kitale Town in Trans Nzoia County.

Therefore, without any worry or problem the DP could state this:

Our aim as Jubilee is to transform the lives of Kenyans through the initiation of projects that have a direct impact on their lives. But if you ask our opponents the plans they have, they will only tell you they want to remove Jubilee from power,” said Mr. Ruto” (…) “Those in Opposition just want to get into power but have no agenda or any plan for this country,” added the Deputy President” (William Samoi Ruto, 29.07.2017).

If he had been worried and if the President would worry, they wouldn’t have gone ahead wit their rally and common address of the opposition. So why blow this one up, even international media ate this one up. Not strange because the Kenyan DP could have been danger. Instead, he was safe and sound on the campaign trail. If he was worried and feared for the attack, the DP would have been informed and actually canceled the rally for safety reasons.

However, there wasn’t anything to fear, since the panga Terminator, James Bond and Rocky Balboa in the flesh who made himself a good-damn action hero at the compound of the DP. Couldn’t be as great as the reports said. But that is just me and others who are suspicious… of the sudden effort to establish troubles in one of the homesteads of the DP. That just seems like a bad Hollywood action movie with a very bad plot. Wannachi’s Diversion or something like that should be the title. Good Night Hollywood and Good morning reality! Peace.


Capital FM – ‘GSU officer shot during attack at DP Ruto’s Sugoi home’ (29.07.2017) link: http://www.capitalfm.co.ke/news/2017/07/gsu-officer-shot-attack-dp-rutos-sugoi-home/

Ndanyi. Mathews – ‘Ruto’s Sugoi home attacked, three gunmen and cop killed’ (29.07.2017) link: http://www.the-star.co.ke/news/2017/07/29/rutos-sugoi-home-attacked-three-gunmen-and-cop-killed_c1606660

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