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President Kenyatta and Jubilee preparing [Operation Dumisha Utulivu] the army [KDF] before the election, what else has the President hidden?

I know it is just days before the Kenyan General Election on the 8th August 2017, where the Jubilee Alliance Party (JAP) and National Super Alliance (NASA) are contesting, there are other parties and independent candidates, but these two are the stars of the show and the world knows it. In the midst of this army is having secret part of the show, that revealed today by NASA head Raila Odinga and verified hours later by Defense Spokesperson. Therefore, the Operation Dumisha Utulivu, says a lot about the fears President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto has for their future. Since they have to deploy and use the army in the midst of peaceful and possible balloting in the Republic.

That a secret operation Dumisha Utulivu are compelling clear cut evidence of the secrecy and the devious ways of controlling people ahead of the election, its like the KDF had to silence former CS Joseph Ole Nkaissery to able to behave this way, because his no-nonsense political framework wouldn’t have accepted this. Even if he was destructive towards to the demonstrations, he still wasn’t the man to do this in the shadows of the people.

The operations seemed to be stationed in Central Region, Thika Town, Murenga Town, Kerugoya Town and Nyeri Town. These with their own Commander on post, which also the Central Command could contact and brief during the operation. Key places to secure was Power Lines, Kenya Powers, Rural Areas, Special Transit Goods, Nairobi Town Centre, Mathare Slums, Kibera Slums and the State House. That is just some of the initial reports of the planned operation. Which shows the intent to control and make sure the intimidation is there.

What also shows the intent of control is that the Operations needs 6 Armed Personnel Carriers, 2 Toyota Land Cruiser with Closed-Signal Frequency Jammers and 4 Portable Antenna Desk Jammers. They needed other equipment as well, but the proof of wanting to shut-down radio and jam the signals. Proves that the army planned to silence the airways and also control the message. That is more hostile, than just securing the peace.

There was also various numbers of officers, soldiers and other mentioned in the planned operation, but the clarification is up to military specialists to look into. What is known is that the KDF was involved directly and had a shadow of plan. Where they would initial interfere in the General Election, where they would be stationed in important parts of Kenya and have missions. As well as securing infrastructure and telecommunications. This is coming as the Police and Communication Authority, has in the recent month warned the public of Social Media use and not create a uprising. This is all co-existing and cannot been seen two separate moves by different authorities.

The Jubilee under leadership of the President and Deputy, has seriously undermined their role as peacekeepers, when they have while governing, unleashed a secret army operation and keeping mum about the armies intervention into the political sphere. This is worrying for the days ahead, since the secrecy and the effort already done. Can show the possible reach and show how far Kenyatta and Ruto will go to stay in power. As they are without any trouble and without consideration of the implications unleashing the army with their weapons, their techniques and their possible missions to interfere can really silence the media and the telecommunication. That is just the possibility, not necessary what will occur, but who knows? No-one knew the Operation Dumisha Utulivu yesterday, who knows what else the President has hidden behind closed doors? Peace.


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