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Trouble in Paradise Part II: the Assault on Democracy in Maldives continues the day before Independence Day!

The crisis in Male in the Maldives continues today, even as the Independence day are tomorrow, President Yameen will bask in glory together with Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. He has come to the island republic in the midst of turmoil, as the Majlis or the Parliament are blocked by the Army and the Police. Maldivian National Defense Forces (MNDF) took charge after orders from Majlis Secretariat, the same claim has the Maldives Police Service. Therefore, the President Yameen fear for lose of legitimate power and claim to rule is the reason for the fallout.

That, the opposition parties tried to vote ‘No Confidence’ against a Presidential Ally in Parliament Speaker Maseeh. This is also because the opposition parties have a majority in the Parliament. Which means if they would have voted in the Majlis they could have won. This is something the leadership of the Maldivian Democratic Party and Jumhooree Party and other opposition parties can overpower the ruling party and President who has 44 of 85 seats. That is maybe why the PPM are planning to detain and arrest opposition MPs to get secured majority in the Majlis. Because, there are open orders of this.

So the other opposition parties can by the Interpretation Act of 2011 article 26: “Where an Act specifies that a particular matter shall be decided by a society, group, assembly or committee, unless the contrary intention appears in the Act, the decision shall be made by their majority”. This means that if there were an act, it has to have the majority.

Today the PPM are claiming it was a ploy, a failed vote and non-existence. PPM Ali Sharif spokesperson himself stated today: “Confronting the police, scaling the perimeter walls of the Parliament complex, bashing up woman journalists and circulating gross misinformation to the foreign press and diplomatic missions is irrefutable evidence of the opposition’s desperation. Such tactics prove that the opposition leaders themselves know and believe that they cannot unseat incumbent President Yameen in a free and fair election next year” (…) “There was no session of Parliament yesterday. They were notified that the next scheduled session will be held on 31st July. The agenda was shared privately and publicly. Attempting to hijack the parliament and promulgate violent scenes will not be tolerated” (…) “The PPM welcomes the measured response and steadfast resolve of the security forces in thwarting yesterday’s attempt of storming Parliament and plunging the country into chaos. Members of Parliament is not above the law” (PPM, 25.07.2017).

When MPs are arrested without warning and warrants, when the Parliament is stormed without any signal or warning of actions from the army and police. Than, clearly this was deliberated from the PPM. What is striking by the Spokesperson Sharif, is that he claims both private and publicly the MPs talked about the session yesterday, if was done in secret and without knowledge, wouldn’t all of it been done in private? This seem to be more conspiracy and making sure they can make the opposition criminals. Not to be honest about the situation. That the PPM are putting in the next election and saying no one can beat them is weird. When they cannot even handle a decent exercise in Parliament of a ‘No Confidence’ vote against the Speaker. Doesn’t add up Mr. Sharif or PPM.

President Yameen might think he was smart and wise sending the security operations to the Parliament and to barricade and block the Parliament. It is ironic that PPM takes about the laws and the MPs, when the President and the Army puts himself above the law. I’m also impressed by the talking about hijacking the Parliament, when the same party he represent sent the army to hostile takeover of the premises. The statement from Sharif is sort of backfiring. If the PPM had majority seats, they wouldn’t fear a vote or the opposition, but now they do. That is why the army came to parliament and went to clear the court.

They are now searching the Jumhooree Party headquarter after the Penal Code, and with the charges of Influencing Official Conduct, Obstruction Administration of Law or Other Government Functions and Rioting; Forceful Overthrow of Government! These are the charges the Police has put forward for the opposition party and reasons for arresting MPs. This shows the level of impunity done by the President and his PPM.

As the Mohamed Anil, the were a motion for a vote of ‘No Confidence’ towards the current Attorney General of the Maldives, but that one has been taken away by the Majlis Secretariat. This is so the PPM and President Yameen don’t need to use the army yet again to arrest and siege the Parliament. Because the President don’t want to lose to allies in cabinet and neither in the Parliament. Since he needs every Dick and Harry there is on the island. PPM seem to be unfit to carry themselves, as they cannot play fair.

President Yameen might think the Independence Celebration in basking glory of the Pakistani Prime Minister Sharif might help him to quell the demonstrations and the condemnation of the blatant assault on the representatives institution. Certainly, Yameen need some help and support, by become a real leader and man. Who can defend himself with words and legislation, not ordering the army and police whenever he is afraid. Peace.


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