Helt ute av sporet (Okumala ekigwo okulyaku kya okuziga)

The New York Gang, apparently again not so transparent since Kushner, Manafort and Trump Junior are all having their Senate Hearings behind closed doors!


If ever President Trump complains about former FBI director James Comey or Attorney General Jeff Sessions, know that they had the courage and the capacity to be asked in public about their acts and their meetings that was involving the Russian Probe. Not that Sessions said much or could recall anything, at least he could sit there and take it like a man. I respect that part, not that I like the AG Sessions, but give credit where it is due.

On the other hand, the rest of the New York Gang, who had the famous June 2016 meeting are this week been called for public hearings and questioned by the Senate Judiciary Committee. Where Senator Grassley sadly has accepted that Jared Kushner, he is the man who can solve all crisis, Donald Trump Junior, the current chief of Trump Organization, and former Campaign Manager Paul Manafort will testify behind closed doors! They cannot be perceived as transparent ever again, they cannot even tell the truth under oath on C-Span.

What a weak brigade of gangsters, who cannot even take their plausible interactions with foreign officials and questions about their possible lies and ever changing stories into the public sphere. It is as if they got too much to hide and has only dropped a few tears, and not the whole bucket of water, but that is just how me sensei see it!

Not like the Trump Organization or the President likes transparency, if not he would have showed the world when running as nominee or even as Presidential Candidate the IRS Tax Returns, for himself and his business. However, with the shady backdrop of business transactions of the so-called empire. It would be more believable if it was not just a spreadsheet of possible values as been given ever since.

It is not like the son-in-law Kushner has all truthful in the paper-trial on the revised forms; there are always coming new loans and estates, businesses and people that he met. However, he still have security clearance and possibility to do as he please. The same has been done by AG Sessions, he did not disclose meeting with foreign officials when sworn-in. Therefore, the New York Gang is not about the transparency, not the one in the Presidents eye, Trump Junior who is so transparent, had to revise his story three times over the weekend about the Russian meeting, as more people connected became news.

So that these people are now behind closed doors and not sworn-in under oath as Jack Tapper reported yesterday is insane and show how little integrity and pride for the Republic the New York Gang, if they had nothing to hide. Why not release all call-logs, e-mail chains and all sort of data in combination with the questionable meetings with Sergey Kislyak and other Russian during the Trump Campaign. Why not release the documentation for instance on the financial transactions in/with Russia? That is if, you want to be up-front and has nothing to hide, but clearly you do, since you have no interest doing so in the past and neither today.

That is why the President blames both democrats and republicans on Capitol Hill for not supporting him. As if it is their issue, that the President has not been truthful and knows what troubles he is in. The Presidency might be powerful, but is not all-powerful. The President is neither a monarch nor God. Therefore, it times to drink the Kool-Aid and revise, maybe even come forward. It will cost, cost so much and the efforts to undermine the democracy and state should go. Not that they will, since they have it and they will not let it go.

We will not know what sort of intelligence or information that comes out of the closed-doors meeting in the senate. That will come later in reports, if not in drip-drops like everything in this matter. I hope that Robert Mueller, the Special Investigator into the case will find some insights and can dig deeper in the New York Gang. Therefore, the truth and the most likely collusion can come forward with all of the federal charges that the Trump Organization might have committed. Since it has been all hidden, until he took public office and were scrutinized.

We know of some dealings and some shady practices, some lacking payments of contractors, of salaries and even being behold to agreements. That has been shown, also that the Trump Tower was helped by mafia to withhold the work force in the midst of strikes. In addition, the frauds like Trump University and others, where the striking salesperson Trump used his name to trick people to buy into the “get-rich-scheme”. He cannot use the gig now in the same manner and a person like Mueller has fried bigger fish than him. I cannot wait to read his reports and his investigation documents. When they are released, whenever that might be, the whole operation and the details will shed light on the dark secrets the New York Gang has so desperately hidden. Peace.


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