Project abolish Article 102(b) is to extend the life-long Presidency of Museveni!

The National Resistance Movement and their henchmen are working hard to get this done in time. So their master and chief can continue to rule. The same they did when they abolished term limits in 2005. Before the 2006 General Election. The NRM and President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni have made this into a sport of how to make the Constitution of 1995, a useless work of art. They can soon be used as a toilet paper, since the legal value get lost when it is amended to fit one mans paradigm, instead of fitting the whole Republic of Uganda. Previous Constitutions has been abolished and changed with the one made in 1995, because the 1962 and 1967 for instance had serious flaws, they also either gave limited presidential powers in the 1962 and abolished kingdoms in the 1967, while making the President an Executive as well in 1967. Now they are planing to amend it just for one man, which is insane. And it just talk of one article in the whole law. It is this one!

Article 102: 102. Qualifications of the President.

A person is not qualified for election as President unless that person is—

a citizen of Uganda by birth;

not less than thirty-five years and not more than seventy-five years of age; and

a person qualified to be a member of Parliament” (Uganda Constitution of 1995),

It is the Article 102(b) “not less that thirty-five years and not more than seventy-five years of age”. This is the sentence and law that are planned to change. Since it doesn’t fit the aging body of President Museveni. The NRM are preoccupied with getting enough votes and finding the right code to change the one that is giving way to Museveni. The change isn’t the make the Republic better or governance better. It would be only because it fits the paradigm of Museveni. His life and his aging body.

This is not for betterment or making steady progress, this is so the NRM MPs and NRM Caucus, the review of the Constitution is only for the purpose of making the longevity of Museveni legal. So he doesn’t breach his own Constitution. Even it makes the Presidential parts and articles pointless. Make the law and the codes into perfect for him. Not making it wonderful for Ugandans, because this is making it so he can rule for life. This isn’t in solidarity or wishing to make a difference. Only because the President is soon 75 years old and he wishes to rule in old age like President Mugabe and others. That is the motivation. Nothing else, the rest is hogwash, bullshit and propaganda.

This will only benefit Museveni and the cronies who are loyal to him. No-one else… the only one benefiting is Museveni and his yellow party NRM. The abolishing of Presidential Age Limit isn’t for the greater good, it will not stop famine, higher inflation and battle unemployment. It will not create better development of agriculture or anything else. More or less making sure the State House and all the other powers will be Museveni to own. That is why he speaks of Ugandans and Ugandan values like he understands it all. Also, that he has to look into every single problem and sanctions provisions for the changes and who gets the needed help. No-one else matters since it has get the needed decision from the President.

President Museveni has a plan and that is to stay in power beyond his constitution for the second time. Changing it when needed be, there will clearly be happening because the Article 102 will be made for him. This has been talked about ages and now it will happen. If not before he turns 75 years old. Peace.

9 thoughts on “Project abolish Article 102(b) is to extend the life-long Presidency of Museveni!”

  1. action,self reliance,the vision of selfand the future have been the only means by which the opppressed have seen and realised the light of their own freedom.

  2. The only problem Ugandans seem not to understand is that they do not know where they belong. From 1967 to 1986 that is 19 years of torture and death, Ugandans felt the tunes now from 1986 to 2017 complaining of one Mans ruling. The only economic source of the white man is by inflicting indirect rule metal slavery. We Ugandans cannot accept the change after change regimes. I had better be ruled by one fearless Lion than a hundred fearful rats. FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY.

    1. Let us not pin point one another like quarrelsome wife and husband before their children, among the rules of a successful family is “on developmental grounds when the wife becomes quarrelsome, the husband should always calm down and likewise. I call upon Ugandans to weigh where you are,who you are and think of what you have to loose in the age limit confusion and consider to either bare the painful patience that will pay or bare the consequences of the defiance.FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY

      1. I let you reason, but far from agree with you. Since Your argument is that still one-man can rule and non other. Therefore, the Citizens should resist and desist from defiance. It’s weird, that a Liberation movement and its supporters speak against civil disobedience. Like there was no one before you and will be no one after you. NRM has lost it, the moment they used SFC to Clear the Parliament. When they used the army to seal the Motion yesterday. There is no Return, only a police state infused with the strength of the military. As long as the soldiers and police officers are happy. The state of NRM might live, but when they get unhappy. They will also revolt, just like in Roman time.

  3. Good that we have Members Of Parliament. However, they should represent the people of their constituencies. Don’t change the constitution of the Republic Of Uganda!!!!

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