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FVP Deng Gai garnering support in the Diaspora for Political Millage to legitimize the National Dialogue !

The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement – In Opposition (SPLM-IO) under the leadership of First Vice-President General Taban Deng Gai are trying to gain support and political millage in the South Sudanese diaspora, as chapters of SPLM-IO part of the SPLM-IG or the SPLM/A, which is lead by President Salve Kiir Mayardiit. This here proves clearly, that the SPLM-IO under Gen. Taban Deng Gai are clearly trying to find ways to find support by the refugees in both Australia, Canada and United States of America.

This is a proof that the civil-war in South Sudan are now being played out across the borders, not only in Uganda, where there are reports of Youth and others capable being recruited to either sides of war. The rebels of SPLM-IO, SPLA or any other new rebel outfit. There are so many new militias either created out of the SPLM-IO under Dr. Riek Machar Teny or from the SPLM/A under the President. Clearly, this is not making the situation better.

The Youth and the Diaspora should know their value and not trade themselves and commit themselves into any fraction at this point, unless they are really sure they investment will bear positive fruits. Since the SPLM-IO/Machar or SPLM-IO(Deng Gai) are of two different sides. Both of them are using guns, using violence and creating both famine and scores of refugees that leaves the Republic. The building of parties and gaining strength in the midst of this. Is clearly just a ploy to gain strength and show numbers compared to the other.

As the SPLM-IO(Machar) has already chapter here and there, in Egypt and other nations where they are following his protocol. The same will be done by ones following SPLM-IO(Deng Gai). So, the initial partaking of these efforts are either supporting a militant government or rebellion against the government. With this in mind, there aren’t much greatness or helpfulness to join either at this moment.

Especially as the core-essential the National Dialogue is flawed with wrong mediation and also not trying to get all the parties into the fold. When not all are talking, the other will still believe in bullets, more than believing in negotiations. That the SPLM/A-IG initiated talks has grand flaws, as the IGAD, AU, UNMISS and JMEC cannot find the grounds to build a sustainable talks between all the fighting parties. There are more troubling talks and within this bounds, the SPLM-IO(Deng Gai) are trying to get political millage by getting more members in the diaspora to become even more relevant and have a bigger organization.

This can easily be seen as getting loyalty abroad and getting support group for the constant in-fighting and in-security produced by all fighting parties, but the SPLM-IO(Deng Gai) should rather as it is direct government with SPLM/A-IG get them to start again to have conservation with the other SPLM-IO, also with all other rebel group and newly created political parties. As the level of people defying and rebelling against the SPLM/A-IG are getting bigger and more troubling. Peace.


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