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Brexit: DUP-Tories makes it sound like a ‘Pick-and-Mix’ not divorce of a longstanding Union!

It is come to many ones ears what sort of reality the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) is living in, as she is now a power-broker in London and in Belfast. As her steady relationship with Ireland is also needed. Therefore, that she states this about Brexit, seems a bit far fetched, but let’s take a bit of look into her words:

She described her meeting with Mr Varadkar as “very useful and pleasant” (…) “We want to see a Brexit that works for everybody, not just in Northern Ireland from my perspective but in the Republic of Ireland as well, so it is about a sensible Brexit,” she said. “I know people want to talk about soft Brexit, hard Brexit, all of these things but what we want to see is a sensible Brexit and one that works for everybody.” (BBC, 2017).

Conservative Party or the Tories under the leadership of Theresa May have to work directly with Arlene Foster. It is not Prime Minister May has come with Red, White and Blue Brexits, talked about hard or soft Brexit. They have come with all sort of combo’s that even a fast-food restaurants would be proud of. Like you can pick between a set-meal or add different sides.

It is not like there will be guidelines from Brussels, like the Member States of the European Union and the already set agreements between United Kingdom and the EU has to be settled. Also the finalization of border-control between them. The movement of workers, trading, certifications, licensing and legal framework. Therefore, it isn’t just a subject of getting polish workers to move back to the Union instead of working on low-pay at a building-site in Cardiff. It is more complex than that.

The whole process from the United Kingdom has been erratic and been a circus. The Brexit planning has been a shadow of bureaucracies that the Commonwealth and former Empire was so proud of. Instead, the government have been meager and weak, they haven’t delivered and not given them any flesh on the bones. Just a jellyfish, not even a proper tuna. The mellow belly-waging and wobbly progress will not leave anything behind.

That PM May only cares about her power, as she would have in the months ahead of the negotiations come with guidelines and also delivered some scope of how they anticipated the outcomes could be. However, the EU have put forward certain key aspects and motions that has to be put in order. Something that UK should have worked with and taken serious as a Member State leaving. Instead, they have had enough internal issues and lacking movement to be taken serious.

That the DUP and Tories coalition will make it harder is evident as the UK Government has to be more careful of the Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. That is how the Irish are supposed to co-exist. Not only if the Brexit will cut off the trading agreement between London and rest of Europe, but also if the Schengen passports and such is still relevant. This will not a be easy trade-off and be as anyone expect. The UK and EU will be former mates, trying to figure out an agreement that benefits the EU Member States and what completes the wishes of United Kingdom.

Certainly, that will not be sensible, but will be painful and also in the beginning hurt both the EU and UK. Since, they leaving and has to create another types of boundaries and border legislation. This will consider everything that today makes the imports and export working, as well as the production and all other aspects of modern-Britain.

Therefore, when I hear comments like this from Arlene Foster and DUP, also remembering the words of Theresa May, which has been staggering in the sense of Brexit. It seems like she thinks she had total control and could explain Brussels how it would be to leave. It wasn’t to cut the contract of gym-club, but the grand-partnership between the EU and UK. So she said this after triggering the Article 50: “ So Mr Speaker, in the letter that has been delivered to President Tusk today – copies of which I have placed in the library of the House – I have been clear that the deep and special partnership we seek is in the best interests of the United Kingdom and of the European Union too” (…) “We will pursue a bold and ambitious free trade agreement with the European Union that allows for the freest possible trade in goods and services between Britain and the EU’s member states; that gives British companies the maximum freedom to trade with and operate within European markets; and that lets European businesses do the same in Britain” (…) ‘Because European Leaders have said many times that we cannot ‘cherry pick’ and remain members of the Single Market without accepting the four freedoms that are indivisible. We respect that position. And as accepting those freedoms is incompatible with the democratically expressed will of the British People, we will no longer be members of the Single Market” (Morley, 2017).

Still, at this point and within her speech on the triggering. It seemed like a giant wish-list and easy taking the wishes and want the UK might need in the future. Instead of seeing the truth or telling the sincerity of it, which means that UK has to follow suit of the EU and European Commission. Even if they leave and has taken an important place in the Union. They now has to leave with the binding agreements they have signed in the past, the co-operative organizations and legislation that has to be left behind. This means it will not be little things to cover in the 2 years time and neither the aspects of just movement between the UK and the EU.

The UK cannot pick-and-mix with the EU. They never have and never will, they have to try to use leverage and fear. The Tories and DUP will clearly have issues on the 19th June 2017, when the negotiations start. As even the DUP are thinking of taking the sweat candies and either asking for cup of coffee or tea.

The Brexit will be costly for both the EU and the UK. How much and how dire, the time will tell, the internal affairs in both camps will be bloody. The dossiers and notes from the political sides will really show the effects and the true feelings of the negotiations. That even the most conning politicians doesn’t want to reveal. Peace.


Morley, Nicole – ‘Theresa May’s speech as she triggers Article 50 and starts Brexit process’ (29.03.2017) link: http://metro.co.uk/2017/03/29/theresa-mays-speech-as-she-triggers-article-50-and-starts-brexit-process-6540860/

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