My honest letter to Theresa May on a possible Tories/DUP Coalition!

12th June 2017, Oslo

Dear Prime Minister Theresa May of the United Kingdom!

I write to you today in haste, because of the implications of your reckless behavior. Not because my token or my place in United Kingdom matters, because it doesn’t. I would be hired foreign worker, who would work on a Schengen Visa (EEA) and do a boring job in London, while fleeing on the tube to eat pot-noodles in the evening. Alas, I am foreigner who will not do so.

I write to you because it seems like you will risk peace and safety in Northern Ireland, so you and your party can continue to reign. It seems like your Executive position and power are more important than the agreement of the past. You wrote in your manifesto that Jeremy Corbyn and Labour would have a shambolic coalition. Now, at this very moment its like you create your own problems.

We all understand, that after your horrendous campaign and weaken mandate need help. You need someone to give you a hand, as your power has ceased and the lacking need of mandate to run the House of Commons. It must be hurtful to be beaten by someone like Corbyn and their political framework. Therefore, you are doing now own thing to stay.

Instead of caring about the Northern Ireland peace process, you are meddling in the middle because you need Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), one of the big parts of the Northern Irish politics. It would be like the Sinn Fein would join the Fine Gael and Irish Labour Party in Dublin. As the Northern Irish politics are still been in collaboration between Dublin and London. Because the Northern Irish politics are still between the ones loyal to crown and the other the Irish republic.

However, the Tories, you Mrs. May are not concerned about this, you seem selfishly aware of it, but doesn’t anticipate what the means of power are doing. It seems like you haven’t studied the Good Friday Agreement and it’s ‘Impartiality Clause’. This agreement of 1998 set the standard for how the Irish and the British was supposed interfere in Northern Ireland. Together with the Power Sharing of 2008 where the ‘Strand One’ are putting both parties of Unionist and Republican’s in either First Minister or Deputy Minister. This is done as the d’Hondt procedure as if one is elected another has to take part. So if the agreement of 2008 matters to May, she should involve Sinn Fein.

This means that you Theresa May have not only to think about what the team around DUP and Arlene Foster wants, but has to think about the needs of Sinn Fein’s Michelle O’Neill. The needs of the Republicans and the agreements that has secured peace and possible solutions shouldn’t be drained by need of support in the House of Commons. You should see that, Prime Minister! Or is your need to reign more important than the possible implications in NI?

That there are so many questions and you open a can of worms. And when you release it is hard to exterminate it. I have not written about the policies or the distinguished characters of DUP that your allying yourself with. Since that has other done so properly, so I don’t have to. But what matters it is the dire consequences of giving powers to Unionist as you destabilize the Republicans.

That is what is worrying me. I know you wouldn’t have liked if you as ruling party had more interference from Ireland in Northern Irleand, as Sinn Fein would have been in direct government with Fine Gael. That would have hurt the pride of London, now you are breaching the trust with Republicans of the Northern Ireland.

The most important question:

Will you risk to stay on throne for the price of stability in Northern Ireland?

If so than continue what your doing!

However, if you honor the agreements that ceased the civil-war between the parties. That promises was made to secure the respect of the Northern Irish people, if they we’re either Catholic or Protestant, if they we’re either Unionist or Republicans. This should be respected by you, Prime Minister. Your impartiality in the Good Friday Agreement and honoring the Power Sharing Agreement of 2008. These agreements should matter to you and the Conservative Party. They should be guidelines and show how to rule from London. Instead because of fragile chair in the House of Commons. Your begging mercy of Unionists from Belfast.

Your acts Prime Minister can be seen as a token and a possible breach of important agreements in Northern Ireland! As your coalition is giving an edge to the Unionist, where you are more concerned about their trade-off in negotiations in possible coalition of yours. Instead of being worried of the grave disparities it creates in Belfast, Limerick and other parts of Northern Ireland.

If your serious, you shouldn’t go into this coalition. You should step-off.

There are dangers you stepping into that you shouldn’t, but your not caring are you? Your own power is more important than the troubles your forcing yourself into?


Best Regards.

Writer of MinBane

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