Tories-DUP Coalition: May needs the DUP more, than they [DUP] need the Tories!

Certainly the late night statement that the Democratic Unionist Party are still in talks with the Conservative Party. Proves that the Northern Ireland question is still not sealed, as well as the stalemate of power in London are still fragile. That Theresa May needs the support of Arlene Foster more than ever. Theresa May needs the DUP to have enough MP’s to have a majority. This is something important at play.

BREAKING: DUP leader Arlene Foster to meet Theresa May in London on Tuesday after Number 10 mistakenly announces agreement with the party” (David Blevins, 11.06.2017).

At this moment the ramifications of the power-play of the DUP who can really ambush the Tories. Therefore, the Number 10. statement of yesterday has been downplayed by the Northern Irish party. So the world and the United Kingdom will not know the implication of the deal before later next week. This proves the weakness of the Tories and May. Who has to walk slowly and be less rash, since the DUP can easily just back-away if they are not taken care of enough.

Surely, the Sinn Fein and other Northern Irish parties should ask for a place in the coalition, if not it is impartial and in direct conflict of the Good Friday Agreement. If not Theresa May’s will to regain power is in vain, as she destroys the peaceful agreement and creates a possible stalemate at Stormont and in Belfast. If she wants to regain it, it should be done with tact and care. It would at this point be better if the Tories went into a coalition with Liberal Democratic Party (Lib-Dems) over the DUP. But that would mean another type of coalition and also another type of negotiations.

But Theresa May doesn’t seem to be keen to have viable coalition, which doesn’t create problems in either Scotland or Northern Ireland. She prefers power at any cost. Even if the price is to destroy the Good Friday Agreement. That she will trade away the agreement for a possible cabinet and make ready for Brexit. Proves that she will use all means to gain power. Not for the betterment of the UK, but that she get to keep her chair.

The only winner is DUP, but they are also making themselves impartial in Northern Irish issues, as they are highly connected in London, instead of Belfast. The national assembly of Stormont will be proxy parliament, instead of a genuine chambers. They will be second-hand and not as respected as it needs to be. As the DUP would earn political mileage in London and by propping-up May! Peace.

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