#QatarCrisis: the Sudden fallout between neighbors and allies in the Middle-East!

There are a diplomatic spat of epic proportions happening in the Middle East, these is Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya and Maldives has all broke of their diplomatic ties with Qatar, because of the supposed support of terrorism. This has happen as the UAE diplomatic e-mail leaks has hit the ally of Saudi Arabia, which an intercept report stated this:

In another email exchange in late April of this year, Hannah complains to Otaiba that Qatar — a rival Gulf government that has clashed with the UAE in recent months over various issues — is hosting a meeting of Hamas at an Emirati-owned hotel. Otaiba responds that it’s not the Emirati government’s fault, and that the real issue is the U.S. military base in Qatar, “How’s this, you move the base then we’ll move the hotel :-).” (…) “The agenda includes extensive discussion between the two on Qatar. They are scheduled to discuss, for instance, “Al Jazeera as an instrument of regional instability.” (Al Jazeera is based in Qatar.)” (Jilani & Grim, 2017). So there seems to be a hunt between other gulf partners of the United States, that they are having ticks towards the Qatar leadership that has led to today’s reaction from the rest of the middle-east.

These countries has all started to land, sea and trade embargo with Qatar. Therefore, the Qatar state and it’s imports will be hit by this, as their neighbors trucks and freight-ships cannot come to Doha. This as a spat of epic size.

Egypt Reason for pulling diplomatic ties:

Egypt said it was cutting ties with Qatar due to its insistence on “supporting terrorist organizations” and meddling in Egypt’s internal affairs” (…) “Egypt said it took the decision “in light of the continued insistence of the Qatari government to take a stance against Egypt.”Qatar slammed the decision, saying the Arab states were “unjustified” in their criticisms and were seeking to place Doha under political “guardianship” (Ahram Online, 2017).

Maldives reasons for pulling diplomatic ties:

The Government of Maldives has decided to sever diplomatic relations with Qatar effective from today, 5 June 2017. The Maldives took the decision because of its firm opposition to activities that encourage terrorism and extremism. The Maldives has always pursued a policy of promoting peace and stability in the Middle East. The Maldives reiterates its commitment to work with countries that promote peace, stability, and show solidarity in the fight against terrorism. The Maldives established diplomatic relations with Qatar on 26 May 1984” (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Republic of the Maldives, 05.06.2017).

US advice to Citizens in Qatar:

On June 5, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Egypt announced the cessation of diplomatic and consular ties with the State of Qatar. Qatar Airways and other airlines in the region have announced the suspension of certain flights to and from Qatar. The U.S. Embassy takes this opportunity to remind all U.S. citizens residing in or visiting Qatar to check directly with your travel providers for any potential impact on your personal travel arrangements and remain alert to additional developments. The embassy is monitoring the situation closely and is working with the Government of Qatar to ensure the safety of U.S. citizens in the country” (U.S. Embassy in Qatar, 05.06.2017).

We are living in interesting times, when a spat of this proportions gets this traction. As the Airlines are not going to Qatar and suspending flying there, these are Emirates, Etihad Airways, FlyDubai, Air Arabia, Saudia and Gulf Air.

The Qatar Ministry of Foreign Affairs answers to the international dispute:

What we can certainly know that is this is not the final nail in coffin, as the spat and diplomatic dispute will lead to more leads and more stories to be told. There might be more economic sanctions and reasons,as there always something underneath. Why the Saudi Arabia sparked this problems for Qatar and what is the real reason for the sudden change of tone between the neighbors. We will know it soon, but how quick is not easy to know.


Ahram Online – ‘Egypt gives Qatari ambassador 48 hours to leave following severing of diplomatic ties’ (05.06.2017) link: http://english.ahram.org.eg/News/270281.aspx

Jilani, Zaid & Grim, Ryan – ‘HACKED EMAILS SHOW TOP UAE DIPLOMAT COORDINATING WITH PRO-ISRAEL THINK TANK AGAINST IRAN’ (03.06.2017) link:https://theintercept.com/2017/06/03/hacked-emails-show-top-uae-diplomat-coordinating-with-pro-israel-neocon-think-tank-against-iran/

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