Opinion: UK has double trouble with N. Ireland and Scotland; they deserve equal treatment like UK gets from the EU!

Well, the United Kingdom government has enough issues with the negotiations with European Union to think about their own fragile Union. United Kingdom is a forged Union between England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland + a few bonus British Isles that couldn’t create much fuzz. However, the Northern Irish and Scottish government main parties are forging possible problems for the United Kingdom. That is proven with the decision of closing the door to the European Union and trying to find out how the relationship with the rest of Europe will be.

Certainly the Tories and the Prime Minister Theresa May would like to have much power as possible and look as brilliant as she can. But she has obstacles on the way and her path was created with the trust put into the system. The fragile Union we’re hold because all parties felt they benefited. If Wales are losing millions of grants from European Union to building roads around Swansea, where will the lost funds come from? That is the sort of issues that Tories and the White Hall have to figure out.

That Theresa May are a conning politician is proven with her way and her track-record, she is reckless and not caring of the price for her glory. Therefore, she couldn’t get elected on the prospect of genuine ballots and with campaigning. She was wise to forge alliance and make sure the Brexiteers we’re part of vital roles in her cabinet after David Cameron stepped down as he took the loss like a gentleman. Still, PM May are more focused on achieving most possible for the Tories benefit, than understanding that the Northern Irish and Scottish initially want another path. That would make the Tories and the United Kingdom less powerful as their own Union would be slimming by the minute. Just take a look at the Scottish question as she put her mind into it as well.

PM May address new Scottish Referendum:

“Theresa May declared Brexit was “not a moment to play politics” today in a rebuff to Nicola Sturgeon’s demands for another Independence referendum during negotiations with the EU” (…) “The Prime Minister said the passing of the Bill authorising departure talks was a “defining moment for our whole country”, making clear she would not allow separate negotiations north of the border” (Murphy & Crerar, 2017).

Second Scottish Referendum:

“Sturgeon said her government’s mandate to call the second poll was “beyond doubt”, and, with the UK set for a hard Brexit, said she had set a timeframe that would allow Scotland the chance to decide on independence before it was “too late to choose a different path in a timely way”. She added that any vote would take place after the UK’s exit negotiations with the EU27 had concluded but before the Brexit process was complete – when uncertainty over Britain’s future will arguably be greatest” (…) “Sturgeon said any attempt by May to withhold permission for Scotland to hold a second vote would be “tantamount to the UK government, having sunk the ship with the Brexit vote, trying to puncture Scotland’s lifeboat as well” (Maguire, 2017).

Scottish Government stance in 2013:

“The advantage of independence is that the people of Scotland will have the sole and final say. We will not be taken out of the EU against our wishes as may turn out to be the case if we are not independent” (…) “ Within the EU there will be important opportunities for future Scottish governments to determine priorities and maximise the benefits of our membership” (…) “The Scottish Government, supported by the overwhelming majority of Members of the Scottish Parliament, believes that membership of the EU is in the best interests of Scotland. It is our policy, therefore, that an independent Scotland continues as a member of the EU” (Scottish Government, 2013).

So if you look at the History the Scottish government and the Holyrood House have been since before the first referendum been clear about the important of independence from rule from London and secondly the value of being a Member State in the European Union. As the Brexit negotiation and the United Kingdom leaving the state of membership, this is clearly not in the minds of the Scottish. They do not want to leave the European Union, but United Kingdom government does not want to relieve them.

The United Kingdom, the White Hall and the English men doesn’t see the Scottish as equal. Still, former Prime Minister David Cameron was a decent guy who gave this as an opportunity in 2012:

“The governments have agreed to promote an Order in Council under Section 30 of the Scotland Act 1998 in the United Kingdom and Scottish Parliaments to allow a single question referendum on Scottish independence to be held before the end of 2014. The Order will put it beyond doubt that the Scottish Parliament can legislate for that referendum. It will then be for the Scottish Government to promote legislation in the Scottish Parliament for a referendum on independence. The governments are agreed that the referendum should meet the highest standards of fairness, transparency and propriety, informed by consultation and independent expert advice” (UK Gov & Scottish Gov, 2012).

So if the United Kingdom government and Scottish government could agree in 2012 for a Scottish referendum and could amend the Scotland Act of 1998 so there was legal framework to support this. But why hasn’t there been anything concrete for the Northern Irish, which has been a tool for Englishmen to control over the Ireland. But that is my understanding of it, and Theresa May continues on that, as Sinn Féin wants now to make sure they are connected together with the Republic of Ireland. Take a look!

Prime Minister Theresa May to Northern Ireland:

“Speaking as she delivered a statement to Parliament on last week’s European Council meeting, Mrs May said: “There are a set of circumstances which the secretary of state for Northern Ireland has looked at this issue, and it is not right to have a border poll at this stage” (…)  “What we should all be focusing on is bringing the parties together to ensure that we can continue to see the devolved administration in Northern Ireland working, as it has done, in the interests of the people of Northern Ireland” (Newsletter, 2017).

North Ireland Referendum:

“Now, Sinn Féin’s new leader, Michelle O’Neill has said that Northern Ireland should hold a referendum on leaving the United Kingdom and joining the Republic of Ireland “as soon as possible” (…) “A referendum on Irish unity has to happen as soon a possible” (Loughnane, 2017). “There is an urgent need for a referendum on Irish unity as the British government has refused to listen to the majority of people in Northern Ireland over Brexit, according to Sinn Féin” (…) “Ms O’Neill said Brexit would be a disaster for the economy and people of Ireland. “To us in Sinn Féin that increases the urgency for the need of a referendum on Irish unity and that needs to happen as soon as possible” (O’Brian, 2017).

So when you see the pattern you see how the Tories says that Northern Irish and Scottish Government shouldn’t play government or play on their wish of what could be in their best interest, since White Hall and Tories knows better. Even as the Brexiteers and Tories negotiations haven’t started, how the Brexit will end is still uncertain. Therefore, there is little evident that the Central Government in London can deliver to Edinburgh or Belfast. They could just secure their own interest, why should the Northern Irish or Scottish perspective get much traction when the Prime Minister already claims their will is not important now!

The Tories government could have understood their wish and given them a chance, but instead the London acts superior and as royals inside the Union. They are doing what they have claimed the Brussels European Commission has done to them. That is the acts of Theresa May is what the United Kingdom and His Majesties Government (HM Gov.) said about the European Union and their bureaucracies. So that London should be careful to address the Scottish National Party and Sinn Féin are righteous in their will and opinion.

That the Scottish government want a new referendum is understandable if the same government that we’re adamant and clear in their will of being a Member State in 2012; would not change their opinion in such short time. That the Northern Ireland wants to be secure that they have soft borders and has a genuine relationship with rest of Ireland and Dublin. That shouldn’t be seen as strange, it is shorter road to Dublin than to London.

If the Tories government think they can override Belfast and Edinburgh, than they are doing the same as the Brexiteers have claimed all along the Brussels did to London. It is time for the Tories to wake up and smell the coffee.  They have to either decide if they want it black, or with milk or even sugar. Tories want it all in the bag and have the biggest trade-off with the European Union, but if they lose the Scottish and Northern Irish.

So the London government should offer a token and give them a timeline and let them have polls inside the parliaments in the other states that are part of the Union. Since the United Kingdom was allowed to discontinue the Member State status within the European Union, so the Northern Ireland and Scotland should be able to if they want to leave London alone. Peace.


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