House of Lords leave another Amendment to make Brexit harder for the Tories and PM May!

Today the Conservative Party government under Prime Minister Theresa May got their second amendment added on the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill. The first one was set on the paradigm of securing the EU Citizens living already in the United Kingdom, so their safety wasn’t a bargain chip for Brexit Secretary David Davis or for Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, when the negotiations with Brussels starts. Surely, today is another blow for the all-controlling, fearing to give any indication of how she wishes the Brexit to go. Since, now it has to be explained in Parliament and become open negotiations in Parliament, before the Brexit becomes a reality. The House of Lords has twice decided to amend the government and give them a harder task to finish the work the majority of people in the United Kingdom wanted in 2016.  Just take a look!

“Parliamentary approval for the outcome of negotiations with the European Union

(1) The Prime Minister may not conclude an agreement with the European Union under Article 50(2) of the Treaty on European Union, on the terms of the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union, without the approval of both Houses of Parliament.

(2) Such approval shall be required before the European Parliament debates and votes on that agreement.

(3) The prior approval of both Houses of Parliament shall also be required in relation to an agreement on the future relationship of the United Kingdom with the European Union.

(4) The prior approval of both Houses of Parliament shall also be required in relation to any decision by the Prime Minister that the United Kingdom shall leave the European Union without an agreement as to the applicable terms.”

The lords had a majority for this amendment that was significant as the ones who was content we’re 366 lords, while the ones voting together with the government we’re 268. The result is massive for the anti-government agenda and making it harder for the Tories to succeed. However, if the Tories government feels betrayed by the Lords, but if they do then their concern of the value of people and transparency isn’t important.

The unelected Lords actually care’s for accountability and transparency as they are appointed by the queen, a state commission or different peerages. Therefore, this is ironic that the men who are appointed care for the vote and open process of Brexit in Parliament. That shows actual the deepness of the institution as PM May would have kept the people in the dark and whatever deal she and her team had gotten from Brussels. She would have thrown around like a medal and an Olympic Gold Medal. Still, she would have done it in all in silence and only done PR stunts when needed.

The Tories should respect the amendments as they are done with good intentions, and these are put in order so that the Brexit will happen with thorough procedures and institutionalized precautions that give less harm to the citizens and businesses. Since the effects and the actual price for the loss of EU Membership will come into the spotlight. As much as the benefits of being a Member State also get lost on the way and the new forged agreements and such has to be put in order, as the states might be separated the initial thought is that they still trade and has connections. Though not on the same legal grounds or on the near the level they have today.

Brexit will be hard, how hard none can really know as the EU might prove their point with this one, as it hasn’t happen before in the Union. Still, if they want to save face and not get more nations questioning the acts of the Union towards a former Member State. Peace.

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