Helt ute av sporet (Okumala ekigwo okulyaku kya okuziga)

South Sudan: Minister Alfred Ladu Gore on the grave corruption in the Republic and the verified intelligence about Yei battles on the 14th February!


There been reports of missing funds and misappropriate funds. Still, there hasn’t been cleared much in the media of the fiascos and the missing fiscal funds, where they even have gone or left. This here is a from the own minister saying the truth earlier this month in Yei state. So with the reports from SPLM-IO that there we’re use of Egyptian air-force in the state. This has been countered from Juba, but certainly the SPLM/A has in the past hired the UPDF to get rid of SPLM-IO under the last battles with the rebels. Therefore another foreign army under supervision of President Salva Kiir wouldn’t surprise anyone. Therefore a second source can verify the use of Egyptian forces shows the ability of spending embezzled oil-funds and also the tax-funds that been spent on foreign armies as mercenaries for the SPLM government.

“That when Kiir went to Yei on Feb. 14, 2017, he delivered the message of regretting why the Dinka’s or the North Sudan allowed South Sudan to be a country. This same day Alfred Ladu Gore gave a speech;

“Speaking at a public rally organized in the town of Yei on Tuesday, Alfred Ladu Gore, Minister of Land and Housing, said recent investigations carried out in his ministry found that senior officials misappropriated an amount of $ 20 billion from 2005 until 2017. He pointed out that the money was squandered on personal benefits instead of meeting the needs of the people of South Sudan. Gore explained that the $ 20 billion was meant for construction of road, schools, universities, hospitals and establishment of factories in South Sudan (SSUDA, 2017).

“This same day Salva Kiir left to Juba and Alfred Gore remained in Yei 5 days later Kiir sent the Egyptian Jet fighter to Yei around midday to lodge civilian raids when some people were at prayers. When they heard the sound of the Jet fighter all those who were at prayers left the prayers. In the middle of the day the day turn into night the Jet fighter flew and disappeared in the middle on the day darkness. After today nobody knows what happened to that Jet fighter” (…) “The other Egyptian Jet Fighter that was carrying out bombardment in Unity State from 8:00PM-11:00PM everyday against the civilians heard the Yei news and decides to leave South Sudan” (SSUDA, 2017).

So we can now know more about the happenings and also uncover the truth of what is happening, as we know that South Sudanese authorities doesn’t want the truth to be delivered. Therefore the diaspora is willingly dropping raw intelligence so the world can know. This is a start of a series of revealing intelligence. There will be more to come, as the questions of how the missing funds and the lacking administration. There is clearly maladministration as the priorities and the lacking food, funds for food and others are key to the declared famine in the republic. This with the battles that was occurring and the fleeing civilians from Yei State is a proof of. Peace.


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