Illicit plans from the SPLM/A Government after the resignation of Lt. Gen. Thomas Cirilo Swaka!


The shocking resignation of the Lt. Gen. Thomas Cirilo Swaka from South Sudanese People’s Army (SPLA) and his place as leader of logistics. That his letter has hit the regime hard can be seen without a doubt, as all the other resignation, also shows the lacking loyalty and the proof that that President Salva Kiir Mayardiit has issues with the current state of affairs. Not only with the battlefield against the SPLM-IO and Dr. Riek Machar, but also the political affairs where the men and woman are more fearing the regime, than building a state. Therefore, the citizens are fleeing. So the reports of this sort should terrify anyone who cares for justice and rule of law. This is from a credible source!

A reliable source from NSS in Juba has just informed that after the resignation of Lt. Gen Thomas Cirilo, president Kiir and JCE met in J1 and agreed to dispatch huge security officers into neighboring countries to trace and kidnap Thomas Cirilo plus others who are opposed to his Tribal Government and take them to Juba” (…) “One such team is already disusing with Ugandan security in Serena Hotel possibilities of the security operation. Others had been sent to Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, DRC Congo, Sudan with thousands of dollars to bribe security officials to begin an act of terrorism through abductions, kidnapping and underground security operations. All oppositions should be aware of this plan and take precautions” (…) “Some of these countries have not accepted such offer that may put their country on terrorist list by the International Community. Kiir is desperate to hang on to power by any means through bribery of neighbours. But the fact is that South Sudanese are fade up with Kiir tribal government. Rumors is that many are still planning to quit the government but their pass ports had been confiscated. The Officer whose identity should not be disclosed says they brought enough dollars to give to anyone who will give them reliable information about Thomas and other oppositions” (…) “South Sudanese in US special Equatorians must be informed that all the community tribe leaders are being paid off by S. Sudanese Embassy in United States they become very complicated or trying to hide their corruption as if they are committed church members or to S. Sudanese funerals” (SSUDA, 21.02.2017).

So the South Sudan people and the citizens should be warned by the possible works of the central government in Juba. There are so many things they don’t want the world to know, as the resignations are showing the lacking of structure and the lacking institutions that shows procedure of the works. South Sudan is in fierce battle between two major parties and a government who is filled with war-lords and not with people who works for peace. They want to get rid of their emissaries instead of discussing issues together and finding a consensus.

SPLM/A and SPLM-IO has a vital conflict where the parties are on shaky ground and using military force instead of other means. That is why the civil war, the drought and the concerning famine has been established. As well, as the giant diaspora should display the character and the will of developing the nation. Something that is evident. As the South Sudanese refugees wants to return and build the nation. Therefore, the Republic of South Sudan needs strong international presence and also internal will of creating a society where people can live. This sort of dossiers and sort of intelligence is hurting the state. As the wish of abducting and kidnapping security operations are proving the lacking will of democratic rule and justice for all citizens in South Sudan, and for the South Sudanese.

This is worrying and people should worry that a state in famine and internal crisis, of extreme violence should worry when they use the monies to kidnap their own who is fleeing and resigning from the SPLM/A government. Peace.

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