Leaked: UNHAS priority is to ship out Kenyan citizens out of SPLM-IO controlled areas in South Sudan, like the Akobo area!


On an internal United Nations memo from 6th February 2017, there been stating this that United Nations Humanitarian Air Service (UNHAS) have described a certain interesting scenario:

“On 23 and 24.1.2017, while being Kenya, two prominent SPLM-IO officials from Akobo area disappeared under unclear circumstances. Kenyan Authorities have been accused of detaining with the intention to repatriating them. Pro SPLA IO Mass Media speculates that the two officials were secretly transported and delivered to South Sudan Government” (UNHAS Ross Aviation Security Notice, 2017).

So the story between South Sudan and the Kenyan authorities continues, as both governments have claimed in different times to have citizens behind bars. Like Kenyan civil activists ask for freeing Kenyan Nationals in South Sudan, the same is now known and even in internal note inside the UN and their agencies.

Because of this the UNHAS also decided:

“UNHAS International Staff, Operators & users, WFP Security & WFP Country Office advice to inform all Kenyan citizens to be cautious while travelling/deployed to/from IO areas” (UNHAS Ross Aviation Security Notice, 2017).

If this is true, than the SPLM-IO are targeting not only SPLM/A, but also Kenyan citizens that are part of the UNMISS mission in the republic. That says a lot of the rebellion and their target of anyone who isn’t them. As the SPLM-IO will therefore give it all to create fear and control their areas. As even UNMISS and blue helmet personnel could easily be taken by the IO.

As the note continue:

“UNHAS users are advised to analyse the necessity to risks of sending or keeping Kenyan citizens in the field, in IO areas and especially Akobo” (UNHAS Ross Aviation Security Notice, 2017).

So the UNHAS are clear that the Kenyan part of the mission should not be extended to areas that involves the IO as the fear and the risk of disappearing from the mission there. The UNHAS will also do this to make sure things goes as smooth as possible:

“If Kenyan citizens are to be transported out of IO areas UNHAS will solve these requests as a matter of priority” (UNHAS Ross Aviation Security Notice, 2017).

So we can see that the Kenyan nationals are now a priority and main objective for the UNHAS as part of the UNMISS mission, as the fear of disappearing citizens, the SPLM-IO are really showing their objective to control and spread fear in their regions of control, so the UN Humanitarian Air Service has to secure their transport out of there. This is a further proof of the fragile and the lack of rule of law in the regions under SPLM-IO regime. It is worrying not only for Kenyan, but as much for the South Sudanese themselves. As this is a proof of the grand issues in the state itself. This wouldn’t be an issue if there we’re peace and was honouring of the latest peace-agreement by both parties. Peace.

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