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South Sudan: Gok State Minister John Marik Makur resigns from government as his efforts are thwarted!


The Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU) has yet again lost a state minister, as John Marik Makur has left his office in the Gok State. The reasons are underneath and the turmoil and uncertainty must be a reason for why State Ministers are leaving their offices in South Sudan. Here is his statement.

Gok State minsiter of Education, Gender and Social Welfare have resign. John Marik Makur said: “After having reviewed and evaluated over the past ten months as a minister; numerous aspects of our morale and constitutional responsibilities towards service delivery and development to our communities, which apparently not realized and mainly attributed to manners and ways of your leadership. Therefore, I concluded that my contributions and many vital projects developed by the institution (ministry of physical infrastructure) I led; were consistently not awarded or deliberately ignored and quite often were passed over or misdirected. Therefore, I felt to have sufficient grounds to honorably submit this resignation for no other reasons than personal convictions. It is also a great opportunity for your leadership to move on with new and energetic team so as to give our state a new light of hope for development and progress” (Manyang Mayom, 06.02.2017).

If he is the first of many, the ones already left the building, which is well-known where Dr. Lam Akol, he created his own rebellion and party under National Democratic Movement (NDM), as he has now turned from both Dr. Riek Machar and President Salva Kiir. Certainly, John Marik Makur must have other reasons for leaving the cabinet. There must be some internal inaccuracies and malfunctions from a man of his stature to leave.

So when a man like him feels like his efforts and work doesn’t matter, that should be a worry for the young nation as the loyalist to President Salva Kiir is the ones that staying behind, while the able ones are leaving their offices. This is a sign and should not be misunderstood; it should be interpreted in the ways of maladministration and mismanagement of funds. There is viable evidence and issues within, as the Enough Project report this year even suggest corrupt malpractice within the government. If so than the State Ministries who didn’t comply with the methods in the report would not get needed funds or even clear allocations. That is mere speculation, still we have to suggest that are reasons for why a State Minister resigns and give clear statement of feeling that his efforts didn’t matter. Peace.


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