Opinion: M23 operations only there for Kabila to postpone the elections!

Earlier in November 2016, there we’re reports of movement from the M23 from Uganda into the Democratic Republic of Congo. As there we’re even clear violence from the rebels in December. Now that we in 2017 and another month gone, there are reports and official reports that Brigadier Sultani Makenga has fled his home and is on the move.

In mid-January the Ministry of Defence Minister Henry Okello Oryem in Uganda claimed there we’re little movement and they we’re still captured. Still, there we’re at the same time said to be 200 rebel soldiers moving across into the DRC.


Just as of yesterday when the news broke of fleeing Makenga and the raids of Police Stations in and around Kasese District and Rwenzori Sub-Region. As the raids we’re going after guns and bullets in these police stations. As Bwera Police Station we’re put on fire and they also burned down Luwero Town Council, therefore armed militants seems to be on the move.

There we’re reports in January from Nord-Kivu Governor Julien Paluku we’re writing of the movement of the M23 across the borders. Still, the reminiscent of past was not certain at that point. Because in the past the M23 has had sufficient weapons and training in Kisoro on the Ugandan border, where the UN had witness affidavits briefing the UNSC on the rebels. That was the Local Governor that broke the news and the FARDC and the Central Government in Kinshasa did not verify it. Therefore the intelligence between the Central and Local was different. Just as of now, there are indicated violence and attacks inside Uganda, but also news of escalation of M23 prescience of them in the DRC.

As it happen and news we’re out of M23, the DRC government and transitional government under “third term” President Joseph Kabila are running on it and keeping their power as they have to fight another militant group creating chaos in North and South Kivu’s. This is just a curious timing that the M23 just happen to come after the CENCO agreement and the new timeline for elections, elections where President Kabila cannot be a candidate with the current Constitution of the 3rd Republic.

It is just like a rabbit out of the hat, the M23 get guns and run-wild in Kasese and Rwenzori Sub-Regions, as the numbers of militants has differed from who is counting. Some said a 101 soldiers crossed the borders other said about 230. In mid-January the M23 we’re reported to take the village of Ishasha in Nord-Kivu. Reports in late-January we’re that FARDC lost two military helicopters in running battles in a town called Rushuru, also in Nord-Kivu, which is close to the Rwandan border. Therefore the insurgency could be from both Rwanda and Uganda as the attacks are happening close to the too nation at separate time.

Therefore the sudden resurgence of M23 and the message from Kinshasa seems so fitting and just. So all of a sudden the Elections have to be postponed again and give political mileage for Kabila. So he can be the hero who fights M23 again. We can question and should question why this is an issue that can destroy the elections when ADF-NALU and Mayi-Mayi are already causing issues in the provinces in the Kivu’s, as well as the FDLR that is still creating havoc. So M23 isn’t the only militants and rebels in the region.

That is why it is suspicious that the M23 are the sole reason for postponing the elections and ballots so there can be another government running the Republic. If there we’re other circumstances that we’re less fishy and without having the history of both M23 and the Kabila Regime, it might been substantial. Since it isn’t so and the actors and the politicians has played these ploys before we should question the reasoning and the effects of the violence.

The ones dying, the ones losing property and innocent suffering for the political games of the big-men in the region, that they uses rebels and militants to sufficiently steady their political life is demeaning. The M23 we’re as off the Nairobi Agreement deserters in Uganda. Some was also expected to come back and be contained in the DRC. Instead they are now returning with vile force, some are seen as thieves in the border regions, others are implicating that the M23 and UPDF is covering their tracks with burning of Police Stations and other facilities to make it seem like a fleeing insurgent force returning to Nord-Kivu.

We can certainly question the efforts and the timing, as it fits the time-frame and evidence Kabila needs to overstay in power without changing the laws. That has been the goal since long before the negotiations with CENCO or anybody else, it wasn’t like President Kabila we’re intent to stepdown. He even runs a transitional term before twice elected. Therefore that Kabila tries to succumb the rules and still being the President without any election. That is why the sudden launch of M23 into the Kivu’s of recent days and months. This story will not end, if so then the Kabila presidency would also have ended. Peace.   

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