Mzee defends his “Presidential Handshake”


“Do not malign the good people. You know i will defend them because I am the one who gave them the money. You are abusing them, I do not want to hear that anymore.” – President Yoweri Museveni (Daily Monitor, 19.01.2017)

We know by now that you are corrupt and keep your cronies satisfied with crony capitalism and loyal services rendered through paychecks instead of good governance and accountability. Since that has not mattered since 1986. What matters is loyalty to you first and then the knowledge that. That pays off!

They could be similar to Mother Theresa, Jesus and all the other good people, but it is the principal that they get a payout for serving their nation and their republic. That because the Republic won a case against a Petroleum and Oil Drilling Company, which justify the means of transactions to various accounts of different civil servants and leaders in government institutions. It is not abusing them; it is questioning the reason for the increased salary as an effort of awarding without practical procedure. That is what counts Mr. President.

I know it is a hard concept for you to grasp as you see the public coffers and taxes as free fund to salvage as much wealth as possible while you are breathing and leave behind as much property for the next generation of the clan of Museveni to live happily until oblivion. Therefore, a few extra shillings is a small bargain in the end.

I understand why you do not want to hear more about it, it makes you look like a fool. As a fool who allocated funds without proper procedure and spent unwise tax-money that in effect. It seems like a chaotic situation, where you are orders a cash-bonanza. A cash bonanza of free government funds ending up in the pockets of loyal cronies. These funds could been used on government institutions or payed ordinary civil servants salaries. Instead, they are inappropriately gave away to the fellow loyalist in disregard of the public. So I understand why you don’t want hear about that anymore, just like you are happy that people have forgotten about CHOGM monies and other sagas of theft from your administration. Because there are enough tales of maladministration and corrupt behaviour when your been in-charge of steering the wheels. It is well-known and common practice. What was not known before this was that the knowledge of “Presidential Handshake” as a common thing? Certainly, what was we could not know was that you sanctioned these handshakes and gave them away as a rewarding system to keep men and woman loyal to you?

So now matter who you gave this money too. The issue is not the people who got the money. They are “innocent” to a certain degree, but your act of doling the monies away with no regard of the citizens. That is the insulting part of your handshake. That the people have so little value compared to your highly paid elite. If you cannot see that issue, you cannot see anything, because that blinds your efforts and acts of accountability. Which is not something you have flexed since coming into power in the 1980s. Accountability and Transparency is two things you hate… we know it and so do you know very well. Peace.

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