Is the M23 attack in Ishasha for political mileage for Kabila? Since Minister of Defense Oryem counter-claims the DRC confirmation of the new M23 insurgency!

M23 Goma P3

“The government of the DRC confirms Ishasha’s incursion of 2 groups of ex-M23 armed. FARDC”Lambert Mende confirms today.

The day after the terrible, but believable news that M23 surfaced into the North-Kivu and crossed from familiar borders from Congo. This as the M23 has had bases and armoury in Kisoro in the past. So it was rare that the Republic that harboured them and sheltered them would also we’re their we’re supposed to lay down their arms after the rebellion. So now years after the agreement and Nairobi Accords, the M23 goes back together with General Sultani Mukenga and 200 soldiers. They we’re 1600 soldiers during the 2013 battles in and around Goma. So since the news we’re coming quickly during the weekend, here is the main aftermath on this Monday!

Defence Minister Henry Oryem Okello of Uganda on M23:

“We know there are problems in Kinshasa, but they [government] should not use Uganda as an excuse for their problems,” Mr Oryem said” (…) “President Kabila had assured us that they would organise and take them [M23] back but it’s taking forever,” the minister said” (Kasasira, 2017).

What’s been said from the DRC side:

“No military official, however, was available to confirm any clashes at Ishasha” (…) “Our antenna in Ishasha confirms the presence of elements of the M23 in this city (…) where they control several axes (…), but there is not any fighting or clashes,” reported AFP Omar Kavota, director of the Study Center for the Promotion of Peace, Democracy and Human Rights (Cepadho), based in the city of Beni (east)” (Publie le Lun, 2017)

There been contacts in Goma where the people has been in touch with the military there, the Military in Goma doesn’t believe that the M23 have crossed the border into Ishaha from either Kihihi or Kisoro.

Still the Uganda Police Force found weapons close to the border:

“Police patrol stumbled on unidentified people loading six sub machine guns, a PK rifle, five magazines and seventy nine bullets in a Premio vehicle registration number UAS 978B in a bush near the common border with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)” (…) “According to the Kisoro LC V Chairperson Mr Abel Bizimana, the recovery of the guns being smuggled into the district shows that security is still wanting. He wants the Inspector General of Police, General Edward Kale Kayihura to go to the district to find a lasting solution to the escalation of crime. Kisoro District is currently battling an escalation of gun related crimes and aggravated robberies” (Daily Monitor, 2017).

“Elly Maate, the Kigezi Region Police Spokesperson, clarifies that they impounded six sub machine guns and a PK Machine Gun. Kisoro District currently battles an escalation of gun related crimes and aggravated robberies” (CroozeFM, 16.01.2017).

While this is happening M23 Roger Lumumba we’re taken on grand chair and walked as a royal monarch in the streets of Kinshasa. In the border region of Uganda there are escalated robberies, as even impounded weapons are on the rise. Kisoro region has harboured and have had training ground for M23 in the past. Where even the M23 got new recruits as the reports of previous attacks of the guerrilla!

So that their escalated violence and armed crimes are happening in the border area; while the guerrillas are supposed to leave the same region, these acts are simultaneously without regard for each other. They both could happen, but one of them could also be parts of the other one. The thieving and robberies could be M23 before they went into the DRC. As well planned rebels they have the capacity. By all means the Ugandan government doesn’t want to seem like they harbour rebels and prepare them to fight proxy wars. This is something they have done so in the past; because Mzee like it to be low-key and not in the open, so cannot be implicated for the sanctioned violence.

We will see if the reports and if this will materialize in the DRC and if the MONUSCO and others than State Officials are reporting, since there should be intelligence and also words spread from others than central leaders who could earn political mileage on the violations. Peace.


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