My letter to CS Nkaissery is this you wish for your legacy to be ‘I created fear and caused havoc’?

Nkaissey 2016

Dear CS of Interior Joseph Kasine Ole Nkaissery of the Republic of Kenya!

I know you’re having a hard time as a Cabinet Secretary before the General Election of 2017. With the knowledge of the security detail you needed when the first rounds of Election Law Amendments we’re taken to the National Assembly during January 2017. Therefore it is not like you as a CS of Interior respects your advisories. That been proven with your crass words against the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD), which is an opposition coalition to fight the ruling regime party, that just recently became the Jubilee Party; that we’re a former coalition as well. So he has alternative motives with this week’s actions and hours.

First he has to step up security before planned marches against election laws, because he loved the Tear-Gas Monday’s and Police Brutality Monday’s that we’re happening months ago. Just take a look!


Police on Alert:

“More police officers have been deployed to Opposition strongholds amid intelligence reports that violence could erupt over the contentious amendments to the electoral laws. The Standard on Saturday established that police officers will be on the look out in Nyanza, Western, Coast, Eastern and parts of North Eastern where they will remain highly alert on possible protests” (…) “This follows the directive by Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery, who has instructed regional police coordinators to be extra vigilant. Yesterday, Nyanza regional police coordinator Willy Lugusa confirmed that they were on high alert for any eventuality and ready to contain the situation should the protests begin” (Otieno, 2017).

When you want the Police to be vigilant, as the Police have acted with brutality and with tear-gas on protesters; they have detained and even killed protesters, even pedestrians. So now the Police has to be out on the streets and made ready, because legal protest has to be silenced. The only law is the law that Jubilee has created and their amendments to secure another term is more important that citizens of the republic. The citizens who might protest are allowed to be punching-matts and are okay to criminalize them for doing their civic duty. That show’s how little your mind of democracy is CS Nkaissery, you’re a sorry excuse for a politician. As your CV proves your military ways: “Nkaissery served in the Kenya Defence Forces in various capacities ; Commandant  Battalion,  Second in Command, Combat Instructor, GOC Western Deputy Commandant/Chief Instructor-brigade,  Commander Chief of Personnel ,Military Assistant to the Chief of General Staff, until he retired at the position of a Major General 1973 to 2002 when he joined politics” (Halipad, 2014). That Nkaissery is unforgiving and uses strong orders to people comes from all the years of hardships in the army and the loyal line of defence that is there. So he uses the same mentality in the Politics as he sees the CORD as enemies and not as advisories. Therefore he does go after Governor’s from CORD, instead of seeking to create peaceful climate between the coalitions!


Removal of Security Team for Joho and Kingi:

“ODM leaders have asked Interior CS Joseph Nkaissery to reinstate the security detail of Governors Hassan Joho (Mombasa) and Amason Kingi (Kilifi) following their withdrawal on Friday” (…) “They had initially given Nkaissery a two-day ultimatum on the matter, but later said they would deliberate with the Cord NEC on the next course of action” (…) “Mvita MP Abdulawamad Nassir said among officers withdrawn were GSU and Administration Police” (…) “An official within Joho’s camp said among the withdrawn officers were four bodyguards who worked on a rotational basis, three uniformed officers who used to guard his home and at least two officers at his office” (Star Team, 2017).

Last time he tried to revoke the guns for Governor Hassan Joho, now he added Amason Kingi, because why not? You’re not Hassan Ali Joho best of friend, not that I expect that you like the ODM political leader. I am sure it hit your pride Honourable Mr. English Nkaissery that the coast governor won in court and we’re still allowed to carry his gun. So now you take it another step, because you can and orders to take away the Security Detail around these two governors. Both Joho and Kingi, like a spoiled brat your leave them behind, would you honourable Mr. English do this to any of your Jubilee Governors? I haven’t seen you’re acted against your own? But that do go against the military aspect of your mind, the chain of command and the loyalty of fellow comrades. That is why you take away the guns of the enemies while keeping it at bay for your own. Such a gentleman you are!

But as CS of Interior you need to spread more fear!


Nkaissery on Social Media:

Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery has issued a stern warning to those using social media to perpetrate hatred in the country ahead of the next General Elections. Nkaissery was speaking after some Maa leaders declared him the Maasai leader after the death of the two reigning Maasai leaders in 2016. Nkaissery has further declared Maasailand a Jubilee zone” (WatsUpAfrica, 2017).

You’re trying to act as a gentleman, but you’re forcing out more police officers and security personnel in the strongholds of CORD, while also taking away security guards for opposition governors and at the same time threating fellow peers, because of how they are supposed to use the Social Media. Since the Jubilee like PR and the media to spread their message to the public and would like the CORD not to question their PR bonanza that usually occurs, like when they released their Party with red-cars and used State House as a bonafide venue for Party Work.

CS Nkaissery, if you’re thinking you’re a grand politician and respected one, you are perfectly wrong, I expect more violence under your signature and of your operations before the General Election. Nkaissery your will wild-out claim the CORD is wrong as the law are already signed and the Election Laws that are helpful to ushering in the Jubilee for the second time, let the ruling President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto continue to rule. The rulers are amending and securing their positions, while spreading fear in the opposition strongholds months before the polls.

You’re such a genius CS Nkaissery, first you are putting out more officers, than taking away security details and later saying that people should watch their words on Social Media. Can you not put more restrictions on walking across the road and where they are selling water? Since you are all controlling and wants to silence them, you would have detained the CORD leadership if you could wouldn’t you Honourable Nkaissery? It’s boiling in your blood and your acting as the totalitarian leader, not the democratic and respectable the Kenyans deserves.

Certainly the CS of Interior isn’t an easy job, but your CV and your history against the CORD show’s you have no intention of dialogue, you throw tear-gas and detain, even brutality against innocent pedestrians, at one point your police officers killed a pedestrian who we’re around a demonstration in Nairobi; a person who was going to the bank and your police officers beat the man so brutally, that he died on the Nairobi streets. That is in your name and under your leadership that a man of that stature died. You shall always in my mind be remembered for the violence created when the #IEBCDemos we’re happening.

CS Nkaissery, what was more disturbing was that you didn’t care to say sorry for the violence and the ones ending at the hospital, the bullets and the havoc you made to silence the opposition. Instead of talking and negotiations, you sent the Police in Anti-Riot gear and militarized road-blocks to stop their civic duty. If this happens this year as well and yet another pedestrian just dies in vain, that will be on your watch and on your tab. That persons family and friends, are your sorrow to keep. You CS Nkaissery have responsibility for all citizens, even the opposition’s safety, not just the ones with membership in the Jubilee Party.

So time to act as a leader and Cabinet Secretary for all Kenyans, not just the loyal soldier for Kenyatta and Ruto; you are bigger than that right? Time for you’re to take it easy and think of the repercussions of your actions. The indicated vicious and malice attempt to silence the opposition proves your fear of your own record. You could be noble, but you’re not, you could be a grand big-man, instead you’re spreading fear and creating havoc.

Is that he legacy you want Hon. CS. Joseph Ole Nkaissery?



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