Kabila’s silent coup is happening right now!


RDC Kikaya said: “The only pressure to which Kabila can yield is that of the people, and today the people are not exerting pressure.”

With the soldiers in the streets of the major towns in the Democratic Republic of Congo, as well as the police abducting and detaining civil activists of LUCHA and #Telema who are planning demonstrations against the regime in Beni, Goma, Bukavu, Kisangani, Lubumbashi and Kinshasa.

The sections of major towns we’re already filled with road-blocks and soldiers put in important roundabouts before the 19th December. Therefore the Police and Army we’re preparing for the worst and we’re ready to fire if needed be. They had the mambas; this was done with the jeeps and the Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) that we’re stationed in significant areas.

Together with the social media shutdown where the citizens are supposed to use VPN instead of normal internet connections to get airtime as the central government has planned to silence WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter and so on. Because of this the M7 Media house has even decided to take vacation today until 5th January 2017. That because of the silencing of the media and even fear for the opposition would react to the overstaying of President Kabila.

Today alone 11 Rassemblement opposition figures we’re arrested in Goma. Total activists arrested in Goma during the day we’re 41!  In Kinshasa the UDPS party offices we’re besieged. The University of Kinshasa #UniKin has also been besieged as the students are silenced and stopped from demonstrating.


Eastern city of Kalemie we’re a place we’re heavy deployment of security forces from the morning. In Butembo there we’re worse incidents we’re 15 MONUSCO soldier, 20 FARDC soldiers, 10 Police Officers and 4 civilians all lost their lives today.

Even Opposition leader Franck Diongo was also arrested today. Proves what the authorities are doing now.

The media blackout has become really sure, not only on the social media but the proof of this is with the M7 Media house, but there are report of total silence and fear from the government towards the ones reporting on the siege of the country.

With all of the security operatives and the security organization in the streets, collecting and arresting the opposition, seems like President Kabila is ready for another mandate and another term where the ones who is not part of his team and his elite will be behind bars. The arrest and the detained opposition proves that the coup d’état is on the way.


The coup is in the details, where the Police and soldiers together with massive guns are putting people into submission, to put people into fear and silencing the ones who wants another leadership and another executive of the Republic. The Third Republic we’re built around transition and President Kabila, but not for him to rule for life, the peaceful transition is in danger now as the dialogue has been there to make opposition busy.

#Telema and the decision to wanting change in the Republic seems to get civil activist behind bars, as they civil disobedience and demonstrations are not allowed, the blockade and the clear indicated security operatives proves the proof of tensions that are created with extending this mandate.

President Kabila is trying a silent coup d’état in the Third Republic, the republic who came from two elected terms, after a questionable election in 2011, now in 2016 he is trying to skip an election and continue to be in power. This is just another way of transition as he went for a few years from 2001 to 2006 without any election and now he wants the same for himself.

5 years he could walk in power without anything other than kingmakers and foreign influencers who wanted a smooth process to secure the Kinshasa government and the exported resources. This has happen without question and rapidly by all means. So, some of the government who ushered him into power might still want him there, even as the United States and European Union is now condemning the authority of Kabila. Secondly the Rwandan and Ugandan counterparts are not saying anything on the matter; they are indifferent as long as the minerals are exported through the back-channels there. Zimbabwe’s government we’re also important in the decision of Third Republic President Kabila.


We cannot see that President Kabila wants to stepdown as he orders the army and police offers to detain, arrest opposition and civilians. Filimbi, Rassemblement, LUCHA and other activists are taken into prison because they want their just change. Justice and rule of law is now not a priority for the republic. The one thing that matters is that Kabila is ruling the nation no matter what the cost.

The cost is freedom, liberty and a torn not worth piece of paper constitution as long as President Joseph Kabila continues to rule over his mandate. The decisions to use Security Organizations to silence his people are the proof of the coup from the Central Government.

Now we are here, the Kabila government will now coup d’état itself into power, with the cost of its own people, because of the lucrative agreements and businesses kept by the state and sanctioned by the state. Kabila has no plans to stepdown and let anybody else rule. Even if it would be his official third term, we all know it would be his fourth as the transitional period should count as one!


The Kabila Government is now stealing the nation, thieving the republic and taking the citizens for granted. Certainly the Republic and citizens deserves better, but a coup happens because somebody wants to take power, not get or give power. The power is now in hands of people, but the army and police can only be designated for a while, not for too long because that will create fatigue. The initial outcome is that the citizens become prisoners.

With the soldiers and police in the streets are part of the coup, they are keeping the citizens as prisoners in their homes and in the valleys, the streets are not safe because if you demonstrate then you could get hurt or in prison. The Kabila government makes all citizens criminals, because one man to stay in power. That is not healthy, that is not right and the people should react. The world shouldn’t only sanction the men with frozen bank accounts and not allowed to travel to the U.S. and the European Union countries.

The republic should have arms embargo and should lose donor aid, Kabila should feel the pinch of international community, his closest businessmen and the ones in his elite be hurt by the multi-national organizations and bilateral agreements that the republic has. Republic of Congo is not owned by Kabila, still he acts they deserve him on the throne.

Kabila is staring his coup d’état with the Police and Army, the world should care because right now President Kabila is on the way on the world’s biggest heist. The heist is stealing the Congolese government and all the possibilities that come with it. Peace.

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