Burundi Crisis: No noise, so please don’t worry!

Nkurunziza Military

The situation in the nation that got the third term President Pierre Nkurunziza, the leader of the National Council for the Defense of Democracy–Forces for the Defense of Democracy (CNDD-FDD) who has been in power since 2005. Have since a special election in 2015 been in tangled with his own population; even had struggle with most of the opposition. Opposition leaders have either been abducted, killed, assassinated or fled the republic.

Certainly the violence has escalated as much as even central government and such has even been said to flee the war-torn country. That had potential of years of conflict that ushered in Pierre Nkurunziza, now he makes sure to tighten the grip by circulating his Imbonerakure together with the National Police to follow and monitor the opposition.

The killings and the round-ups of people are rampant and the numbers of victims is hard to know as the government want the numbers not to be known. The indication of the violations against humanity comes with small leaks like proposed new constitution that the Parliament has to have over 60% Tutsi and under 40 % Hutu (Proposed Article 143). Also that minister has to be over 60 % Hutu and Vice Ministers not over 40 % (Proposed Article 129).

When also seeing this is happening together with the wish from the government to of get rid of the peace negotiator from East African Community (EAC) former Tanzanian President William Mpaka. As well as monitoring his movement in the country as he is supposed to assemble the opposition talks, while the Opposition is dwindling together with the refugees who have been fleeing to Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda. Their stories have not been hopeful of the rounding-up and machetes of the Imbonerakure against those who might be hostile to the regime.

Typical Story nowadays:

 “A man brutally abducted by SNR agents in downtown Bujumbura” (RPA, 14.12.2016).

Another ordinary story:

Alerted by the noise, the capita general returned to the passing mansion. He seizes the Kalashnikov and launches in pursuit of the assassin Nimubona “the Captain General Reussia to beat his fellow prisoner assassin” indicates Pierre Nkurikiye.

“One of the accused in the assassination of General Adolphe Nshinirimana has been killed in unclear circumstances”. That after the leaving the bar the accused and another one we’re also killed has the military confirmed today. That proves the levels of extra-judicial killings.

Another abducted fellow:

“Colonel Tito Serudugo (retired exFAB) was  arrested this morning at his home in Kinanira II by SNR. His whereabouts unknown” (IBurundi, 14.12.2016). This is typical stories where Ex-Fab either is assassinated or disappeared as the government are looking for them to make sure they doesn’t work against the government. Therefore the situation in Burundi isn’t about talks; it’s about surviving and wondering who is the next to be gone. The Security Forces and Imbonerakure could be looking for the next victim or family to take away some suspicious elements in the district.


As well as government propaganda has hit staggering levels:

The students of Stella Matotina School in Bujumbura destroy the notebooks granted by UNICEF. The Reason is because they are Satanic!

We can just be worried when people get abducted, vanish and never get heard of again, some numbers of dead or assassinated since 2015 is estimated to be a 1,000, but I would think more as the SNR are piling up stories of lost people! You can also consider that  the estimation of refugees are now up to 330,000 who has left the country during this year.

This all has happen because one man wanted to counter the newly written constitution and also put the fragile Arusha Peace and Reconsiliation Agreement for Burundi from 28th August 2000 in limbo. Just so he could rule and take all controll of the Republic. All of this doesn’t seem to matter for President Pierre Nkurunziza, that his policies  creates bloodshed and tears. While his country goes into panic, into a deeper crisis and where the regime tries to silence the ones who isn’t in favour of the President or his party. The Inclusive Inter-Burundian Dialogue is only legitimizing the regime at the moment. Still, some in international community thinks the talks going to stop the SNR from abducting citizens as they see fit.

Because of the fear of foreign interference the regime has recalled ambassadors as well:

“Alain Aime Nyamitwe said on Saturday that Burundi’s embassy in Brussels remains open despite the recalling of Ambassador Jeremie Banigwaninzigo” (…) “Nyamitwe says relations with former coloniser Belgium “are not really good. We have called our ambassador to assess relations between the two countries.” (News24.com, 12.12.2016).

So with this in mind the Burundian Authorities are now caving themselves into own cocoon and trying to avoid criticism while abducting and assassinating oppositions. This just now happening in silence and without any concern even if they recall and cut all contacts, because they connect be able to get guns, ammunition and all the needed supplies to obtain the power. The power in the hands of Nkurunziza is now paved with blood, with tears and with no mercy for the citizens or justice! Peace.

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