Aftermath after the Kasese Clashes: Omusinga bwa Rwenzururu detained to 28th December; Besigye arrested on the outside of Jinja Court and dropped off at Kasangati!


In Jinja today at the Jinja Magistrate Court, where the Omusinga bwa Rwenzururu Charles Wesley Mumbere, which as expected the “treason” charge on the king we’re adjourned and the case will be taken up to court again on the 28th December 2016. Still, there nothing of case produced, except for the king who was taken from Nalufenya dungeon and are now detained at Luzira Maximum Prison. For the same terrorism claim that happen earlier in the 2016 as early as in midst of March 2016.

There we’re other dignitaries around the court and trying to get into the court to follow the courtship of the Omusinga. One of them we’re Dr. Kizza Besigye who is himself charged with “treason” and his case also pending. Proves the escalating Police State, as the Opposition Politician we’re taken away from the outside of the Court, as the other Kasese Members of Parliament where there to follow their king.


Besigye we’re taken by the Police Force on the outside and taken into an infamous black van riding in the direction towards Kampala through Bugerere. He was taken inside the van and many people we’re claiming that he would be taken to Nagalama Police Station in Mukono. Something that apparently didn’t happen; the Police Force through their hectic effort of silencing and monitoring the man, left him at his home in Kasangati, while guarding his home with more officers than of late. Before home he had been at Kakira, Nalufenya and Matugga. As they are trying to scare the man even more as they continue to have their illegal and defiant method of house-arrest at Kasangati.


The other suspects as the detained Royal Guards that we’re detained in November 2016 after the Kasese Massacre of the Uganda People Defence Force and the Special Force Command who attacked and burned the Buhikira Royal Ground. As well as the soldiers together with Anglican priest buried unidentified bodies left behind after the clashes and violence from the government security operatives who ambushed the Palace. These men we’re buried without family or friends remembering their lives as the government trying to clean their hands of their blood, while the ones that still living are charged as criminals as the men with weapons and commanders of the army are walking free. The King and his men are detained, the Royal Guards we’re transferred today to the Jinja Police Headquarters for questioning.

Together with all of the Dr. John Baluku we’re himself planning to see the courtship of Omusinga Mumbere at Jinja Court. He was thinking of being a court witness at the Jinja Magistrate Court, something the authorities didn’t accept, so Dr. Baluku has been detained by the authorities.

What were the charges on the king?

“Prosecution states that Mumbere and co-accused with purposes of intimidating members of the public for a political ,social, religious or economic reason and without due regard or safety of others attacked Kidodo police booth and murdered Kasimba on top of attempting to take the lives of eight other police officers” (…) “The accused are further alleged to have robbed Kasimba of an AK -47 gun with 30 rounds of aminitions and immediately used pangas and knives to kill him” (…) “The charges were read to Mumbere in a fully packed courtroom but just like in last month when he was arraingned in court for murder, he was not allowed to answer to plead to them as murder ,terrorism and aggrevated are capital in nature and only triable and bailable by the High court” (87.7 Baba FM, 13.12.2016).

So Chief Magistrate in Jinja John Francis Kaggwa has remanded and granted no bail for the king and his royal guards, as the violent oppressive regime continues to silence its critic with force and with forged criminal cases in the courts, as this yet another example of. Where the innocent is the criminals and the guilty is walking the streets. The guilty the army men and commanders who are not questioned for their killings in March 2016, where even the army we’re caught on tape just blasting Royal Guards and Youth on the roads at villages in Kasese and Bundibugyo sub-counties. The Rwenzori troubles of recent years have escalated with the skirmishes of the army itself as far back as in 2014 when similar acts happen.

Today is just a proof of how far the silencing the citizens, the kingdom that recently we’re accepted and now the government are using all their tools to silence Kasese after the recent attacks and killings. The Government went in with their army and killed; now the Kingdom and their men are detained. Something isn’t right and the government know’s that. And you knew that there was something wrong with the court sessions when the government has to close the five roads leading the Jinja Magistrate Court. There must be something wrong when the government cannot accept public interference and involvement in criminal cases.


Also Important:

The ones who earlier in the year protesting outside the Democratic Republic of Congo embassy who we’re protesting for the freedom of civil rights activist and opposition figures like Sam Mugumya who are still detained in the DRC. The ones that had to be in court for demonstrations today we’re Harold Kaija of the FDC and Owor Moses Cyrus Kibang. The Court adjourned the case until 7th Feburary 2017, still there hasn’t been produced any witness for the trespassing or affidavit saving the case. Still it is postponed. Peace.

Finally home... after more Police Brutality!
Finally home… after more Police Brutality!

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