The Army besiege and kills Rwenzururu King’s Royal Guards at the Palace in Kasese!


“If you had any plans of coming to town,please dont” – A Plea from a Kasese resident!

There is risen tension and problems in the Rwenzori and Rwenzori Sub-Region as the Kabarole skirmishes and today the Kasese town has been closed off by the UPDF who has put the Obusinga bwa Rwenzuru Charles Wesley Mumbere. The UPDF has closed the office of the King; also the Palace has been under siege as the King is there with his Royal Guards.

The DPC of Kasese said this:

“Guys don’t worry we just having a small operation in town and we fully incharge..but ofcourse just keep where u are until we are done..lest u become a victim of circumstances”.

Heavily-armed elite units of Uganda’s armed forces have been heavily deployed in Kasese District following clashes with armed militants in Rwenzori region on Thursday night. The UPDF overran several bases of a militia group linked to the radical Rwenzururu Kingdom. At least 12 people died in the clashes though locals say the number could be much higher. Since then, the UPDF have been increasing deployments in the area to thwart attempts of a possible breakout of violence” (Grejeen News Uganda, 2016).

“The attackers are not yet identified. They are gangs. If you remember just recently , schools were closed, a health centre closed and they were scaring people so we thought we should take action,” said UPDF spojesperson Col Paddy Ankunda.

So the DPC is saying the army will violently charge against civilians if they are in the area of the UPDF. This again, proves the elements of the army who at times just occupy their own and takes control with force and no thoughts of the locals or why they are attacking the Kingdom, again!

All shops have been closed and usually busy streets are deserted as the UPDF and gun-shots around the Palace. None of whom is the reason or why the UPDF again starts battling in Rwenzori. At the Palace there been a stand-off between the Royal Guards, the Police Force and the Army. As the NRM regime continues to fight the Kingdom with all force, as they have done since before and after the General Election in 2016. Wonder why the Army has issues with the Kingdom now. There is one confirmed dead on the side of Kingdom Mbusa Kabwe. But the numbers that the Army has killed this time around is unsure.

The UPDF and UPF are claiming a youth counter-terrorist group who has taken their own tax in the area. Well, this is here is directly again aiming against the kingdom, not some random rebels as they claim. So their validation of the attacks seems weak and like excuses more than actual intelligence. People have been forced by the Army to evacuate the town with hands-up as the streets we’re taken with mambas and rifles.

Its again blamed on a group called: “Kirumiramutima” the Strong hearted, though they just surface every-time the UPDF rolls in with heavy gear into town like morning dew; they pop-up, as there speculated that the King resisted to be taken into custody and therefore the Royal Guards are sealing off and fending of the Army and Police for the sake of his safety. There been reported up to 4 Royal Guards killed in the skirmish from the UPDF. The Spokesperson for UPDF confirm they have shot 18 persons in Kasese District, they claim their fighting insurgents from the Allied Defense Force (ADF) that has been inside Democratic Republic of Congo, but it’s heritage is from the Rwenzori region. Captain Arthur Timbagnya has confirmed this.


But what boggles me than, that the Royal Guards are not ADF or Strong Hearted, why are they killing more Royal Guards as they did during the skirmishes in March? What is up with the UPDF hatred for the Rwenzururu Kingdom?  There are some who even say 8 Royal Guards has been killed, wonder if the Army has plans to finish off the king to as they are clearing his guards of apparently. This report comes from the OC CID and OC Station of Maliba in Buyisumbo Sub-County who confirms.

The thing we should also wonder about, this comes a month after the King didn’t accept the request of the Republic to try to split the District. Something the Central Leadership has proposed in the past. That he did on the 20th October, and now the Army besiege his Palace.

“The proposal which was tabled in a meeting of the Kasese NRM Caucus and the NRM Executive Committe together with the selected NRM leaders at State House Entebbe on Wednesday seeks to split Kasese into four districts of Bwera, Hima, Kasese & Katwe. “When my people are together, i dont have a problem. I agree with the split of Kasese district because a district with over a million people can not provide everyone service delivery , decentralisation removes friction based on sectarianism” said Mr.Museveni” (Sonnie News, 13.10.2016).

So if it that the reason, that the King doesn’t want to comply with the wish of the President as he has to show force to silence the Royal King with his Special Operatives to prove who is the Grand Leader and who orders are just. Therefore the new skirmishes happen as the King doesn’t want to follow the President. Therefore the President and his Army says it is radical elements, but that might be radical because he doesn’t want Kasese to become scattered.

While we’re on it:

“According to an eyewitness, loud gunshots and military movements are audible and visible in what is the ‘frontline’ of UPDF and the Yiira separatists who were armed with spears and arrows face off” (…) “Speaking to Lydia Tumushabe police spokesperson for Rwenzori region, a combined security operation has taken over Nyamuswa to containing the ferocity of the ‘Esyomango’ a popular group with the Rwenzururu king though still visible in embalmed t-shirts” (…) “A local leader who preferred anonymity due to the sensitivity of the matter said tension has been brewing in the area with bickering between the Bakonzo and the Batooro over the proposed secession” (…) “Yiira State is said to be a wish for some officials and supporters of Rwenzururu Kingdom. However, Rwenzururu King Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere previously said the Yiira Republic is being agitated for by his subjects in eastern DR-Congo. There are many ethnic Bakonzo who live in eastern DRC” (Kasese orugambo hottest secrets and rumours news bulletin’s post, 26.11.2016).

So the Yiira Republic comes dusted up like relic who nobody has seen or heard about since last skirmish. But a succession between Bakonzo or Batooro seems more likely as they also want to regain status as Kingdoms on the same level as the Rwenzururu King Mumbere as he is a Bakonzo. But that is all talk right now. If the wish for a Yiira republic where real, than the fights would have continued all year and the people would have come with force, as they have been silenced since the last time the Ugandan Army went into town.

Also reported that two policemen are feared dead in the battles, three are feared to be dead, by the battles on the outskirts of Kasese (Raymond Mujuni, 26.11.2016) .

So there are many reasons for this, either thing that counts is the wish for power or control, the others are just that the UPDF and Police needs to validate their return and killings of Royal Guards, which they have done before with different reasons. Something that they tried to force and didn’t silence the violence when IGP Kale Kayihura visited Rwenzori neither was happening when President Museveni came with his rifle. Peace.

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