South Sudan: Apparently “No Pardon” for Dr. Riek Machar; while Machar calls Kiirs Government a “Rogue Regime” the battles intensify as the UNSC Arms Embargo in the works!


Today is another day and on this blessed Sunday, the battles between the SPLM/A and SPLM/A-IO are continuing and are in many states like: Yei River State, Blue Nile, Upper Nile, Western Bahr El Ghazal and Unity State. With this in mind, the reports of today tell who the fragile situation is and what this can all mean for the near future. Because the SPLM-N are even in trouble in Sudan and in South Sudan, which makes the borders even worse; with this reality the world should act and give extend the mandate of UNMISS, the Arms Embargo would not work if there is still sold weapons without ending certificate; than the meaning of the trade will not be in the loop until their fetched by the International Community like MONUSCO this year. So here is the lot of the day!

No pardon for Dr. Riek Machar:

President Salva Kiir said on Sunday: “My brother Riek Machar thinks the only way for him to become the president of this country is violence, killing innocent people. I told him several times [that] there is no reason to fight. If you [Machar] wants to be the president, wait for elections, but he did not listen” (…) “They come asking me to pardon him. I tell them I have no problem with him. He is a citizen of this country and he can return anytime, but must denounce violence” (Sudan Tribune, 2016).

Offensive from SPLA:

Big government offensive on rebel Fatuyo’s base in Li-Rangu following the attack on Yambio, in which rebels showed off new RPG supply.

This is happening as fuel shortages are hitting the country, the issues with lacking of food-supply and the NGOs are under attack from SPLM/A-IO and also SPLM/A; this is happening with the full knowledge and with support from the Troika. That have set in force the process, but not considered the wish of power for the President and FVP Machar, who both of them has their agenda. This is happening as the sore and weak Kenyan Government cannot handle criticism of their commander, therefore they are leaving the UNMISS to show integrity, but instead losing their power and helpful assistance in the war-torn country.

As this is happening the Yei River State Officials are resigning because of the “Human Right Violations” in the state. There been reports of fierce battles between the State and the SPLM/A-IO in the Unity State.

Gen. Malik Agaar speaks out:
“Does Taban know how many lives we sacrificed for the independent of South Sudan?” Asked Malik Agaar” (…) “Does Taban know how the people of Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile fought for the liberation of South Sudan?” He ask again?” (…) “Where was he when our bones littered the land of South Sudan?” And asked again. Taban looked between his legs as if he was peeing but he was just sweating” (…) “Taban we aren’t going anywhere, as SPLA-N we are here to stay whether you like it or not.” Malik Agaar concluded boldly looking in the face of Salva Kiir. At this point Taban was done” (…) “Until you become the President of South Sudan then you can do whatever you want to do to SPLA-N.” Malik Agaar warns” (…) “From today onwards I don’t want to hear from you, neither call me nor ask me.” Malik Agaar declared and that was by no mean a point of contention. It was the END of the meeting” (Alfa, 2016).

So another group who are in the borderland and creating problems in South Kordofan, Blue Nile State and in Darfur, the SPLM-N are now threatening the SPLM/A and the FVP Taban Deng Gai, who took over when Dr. Riek Machar fled Juba in July 2016. This has since inflamed the situation and now the fragile state has more trouble.


But the SPLM-N is already trouble also inside Sudan:

“On Sunday, the Khartoum North court judge Osama Ahmed Abdalla convicted the defendant of spying for violating article “53” of the Criminal Code, saying the prosecution presented coherent and strong evidence against the defendant” (…) “He pointed the prosecution witnesses proved that the defendant has conveyed military information about the Sudanese army in El Meiram area, South Kordofan to the ruling SPLA party in South Sudan” (…) “The judge added the defendant also, in collaboration with two others, handed over a government source to the SPLA, saying the source was assassinated by the latter” (Sudan Tribune, 2016).

So when the Gen. Malik Agaar attacks Gen. Taban Deng Gai for his actions, they are themselves into trouble elsewhere… the fragile border and frictions between Sudan and South Sudan. This has become better and there been visits from Juba to Khartoum as even Dr. Riek Machar came there after being in the woods of Democratic Republic of Congo and banished by the MUNSCO, the President Kiir has pardoned the 750 soldiers that we’re part of Machar’s group there, but is not willing to pardon him before he acts peaceful. Certainly the bloodshed between the SPLM/A and  the SPLM/A-IO is not over, as the SPLM-N are taking stand now and are under fire in Sudan as well.

There rumours that the SPLM/A-IO Dr. Riek Machar after leaving the safe shores of South Africa he is now taken by Army Operatives of the Ethiopian State on Ethiopian soil, while the U.S. is currently on working on blacklisting him for not being able to get arms on legal basis; though I am sure the blood money can pay for guns and ammunitions.

These rumours and reports are coming as Dr. Riek Machar has leached out this statement:

“We have been driven back to the bush,” James Gadet, a spokesman for Machar, told the AP on Saturday in a call from Nairobi, Kenya” (…) “(We) call on the international community to declare the regime in Juba a rogue government,” the document says, adding that international agencies monitoring the peace deal should “suspend their activities” until the agreement is “resuscitated.” (News Wires, 2016).


They can declare as much as they like, can call the TGoNU who cooperates with the IGAD-Plus and the UNMISS, also with the Troika a “Rogue Regime”, that might help their cause and help their loyal commanders, but it doesn’t strengthen their cause after the skirmishes this year.

President Salva Kiir might be totally wrong about his actions and decrees, but the initial violence comes as a result, but also the power-hungry FVP Machar has created as much violence on his own and also tried to kill the president in vain. Therefore both men do what they can keep themselves in power. The people, the citizens of the South Sudan are the losers who torn between two Parties and too Big-Men. Peace.


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