Kenya: Turkana County officials claims that DP Ruto lied on the 2nd November at the launch of Kitale-Lokichar Road (04.11.2016)


The utterances by the Deputy President during the launch of the Kitale- Lokichar road in Turkana on 2nd November, 2016 are unfortunate, misleading and unbecoming.

When a Deputy President lies before the people that he doesn’t know where the funds sent to Turkana go, demonstrates how wreckless and uninterested one is on the wellbeing of a people.

When Turkana County made a presentation in Statehouse on 6th October and on other occasions previously, about the gains of devolution and early Oil, wasn’t Ruto aware and informed? Doesn’t the DP see what others are seeing in terms of development in Turkana?

When the DP sneaked into Turkana yesterday to launch the road, none of the county officials were notified. The Governor was not aware. If this is how Counties and the National government are supposed to work, then it is not in the spirit of the constitution of mutual consultation and respect.

We thought the launch of the road was devoid politics, but the DP demonstrated either lack of knowledge about Turkana or a post Kalolol arrogance where Jubilee was defeated at a Ward by-election despite its local elected leaders causing violence, bribing the voters with money and relief food and the security apparatus looking the opposite way when all these was happening. He should know that Turkanas identify with those who are truthful and committed to their cause. Not those whose intent is to loot Turkana resources.

What did the DP insinuate that he doesn’t know where the funds given to Turkana go? Is he in doubt of his national governing organs; those that oversight the utilization of funds for Counties? Doesn’t he believe in CRA, KENNAO, The Senate, Parliament, the media and the rest? Doesn’t he believe in independent assessment by World Bank that ranked Turkana second or doesn’t he believe in media reports?

Turkana County and its people respect the Presidency, we wish that the same respect is extended. Our people pay taxes no matter how small it is. We cannot compare Turkana with other parts of this country. The momentum is slowly gaining because we all know as a result of several years of political marginalization what Turkana looked like. Now that fairly a huge percentage of its landmass is endowed with natural resources, it is highly sought for.

We will not tolerate political statements that are meant to incite our people.

The Deputy President should learn to inculcate good morals to the people. There are procedures to account for public funds not through acclamations in public Barazas.

The people of Turkana cannot be fooled, they have eyes and they know what is happening. They know how to hold their leaders accountable without being incited by partisan politics of witch hunt.

We wish therefore to ask the Deputy President to open his eyes and ears widely inorder to see and hear what devolution has done in Turkana County. The gains of devolution being celebrated by Turkana people cannot be swept under the carpet. If someone thinks they can wish that away, they are dreaming or in deep slumber- they should be told ” Wake up and smell the coffee”.

Office of the Governor,
Turkana County

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