Kizza Besigye’s document on Police ‘Acknowledgement of Prisoner’s Property’ (15.10.2016)


“As always, no one informed me why I was arrested & no document was given to me on release. I’d hung onto this form- leaving property behind” – Dr. Kizza Besigye

Here is photoes of how he arrived home:


“Police van just brought me back from Naggalama Police cells to the police camp that our home has become! Waiting to take me back next time” – Dr. Kizza Besigye

My 2 Cents:

The Power of Impunity, Ladies and Gentlemen! Not giving a crap of decency or legality of their actions as they just pick-up the man straight from home, not caring about charges or sentencing. Detaining him because he exists. NRM and Uganda Police Force can be proud of their level impunity! Peace.


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